Our Tribe - Part 2

You may recall a few weeks ago I spoke about the little family of ducks that my cocker spaniel Finnlay and I had been observing on our early morning walks. Well, good news, this little family has upgraded from 7 to a tribe of 41. I watch them in the early morning light as they waddle their way down to the water’s edge together, shaking out their feathers and bumping into each other to keep position, but always swimming together, waiting for the slowest to keep up. Clearly the way of living that the original 7 had, was attractive to many more ducks and hence the 41 have formed.

Why am I sharing this? It’s because for me in the past few weeks I have witnessed first hand how we Nashers are drawn to our tribes. The Kick Offs have been fantastic examples of what draws people together, how we are attracted to shared purpose, shared values, pride, learning, belonging.

I have loved being part of your tribe when I join the kick offs. I have been inspired by the courage shown by teams who have refused to be floored and defeated by the pandemic and the challenges it has brought us. Instead they have found ways to incrementally improve on a wide range of ways which together have yielded fantastic and long-lasting outcomes. We have found ways to keep connected with each other, found ways to open new opportunities with our clients, kept our thinking open to new services for clients or taking established services into new markets. The many presentations and stories of what has been achieved in the first half of the year have fuelled the sense of shared purpose and belonging that these teams have. The very essence of their tribe.

You will have noticed in the past weeks that we have been sharing a lot more on how we are developing our own talent, encapsulated in our People Promise. We have expanded the Technology Recruitment Diversity, Equality and Inclusion council to cover all of our businesses, functions and geographies we work from. This is such an important step forward to driving us to a better place where we can know that we are a truly inclusive, diverse and equality driven group. At the same time we are introducing tools, resources and support for mental health and wellbeing.

This afternoon I was lucky enough to be part of the virtual conference led by one of the world’s longest established technology magazines, Computer Weekly, and Spinks on the topic of Diversity and Inclusion in Tech. Inspiring doesn’t even cover it. Our very own Dania Lyons in Spinks was one of the main presenters. Hearing the UK Minister of State for Digital and Culture, Caroline Dinenage, name check Spinks when she accepted her place in the Top 50 most influential women in Tech was a very proud moment.

Of course there is much more to do as we take Harvey Nash Group on its path of reaching full its full potential. But as we do we will become an even better place to attract great talent to join our tribe, just like how that group of 7 ducks clearly became the ‘place to be’ by the river and now number 41. I wonder how many there will be tomorrow?

This is an exciting journey we are on.

Have a restful and enjoyable weekend and keep safe and well.

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