Correla, previously known as XoServe is the Central Data Service Provider for the gas market across the UK. Correla's central register holds information for over 24 million gas premises, transacts over three million customer switches annually and processes over £4billion of invoices for gas transportation each year.

The Challenge

  • Large spike in recruitment demand driven by a digital transformation and new Target Operation Model.
  • Limited capacity within People Operations (HR) resourcing to manage demand.
  • Limited employer brand in the Midlands market.
  • Limited knowledge of best-in-breed candidate assessment processes.

Our Solution

  • Project RPO to become an extension of their current resourcing team.
  • RPO team augmented the existing resourcing team providing a flex pool of Resourcing Business Partners to manage recruitment demand.
  • Introduction of a new ATS.
  • Undertook employer branding and launched a new candidate attraction strategy.


  • Delivery of 93 new hires within 7 months.
  • Increasing employer brand recognition through launching Glassdoor and LinkedIn campaigns to improve direct hiring and reducing reliability on agency support.
  • Full reporting, visibility and control.
  • Achieved a 74% Net Promoter Score within 6 months.