SD Worx

Filling IT Gaps at SD Worx

SD Worx


SD Worx is the largest HR services company in Belgium and is busy conquering Europe, where it is currently in second place. Their core business is payroll calculation.

SD Worx has been a Talent-IT client from the very beginning. We started with classic contracting more than ten years ago. Over the years their needs and priorities have changed more then once, and we have always adapted as a supplier to meet them.

For two years now, they have been expanding enormously and they want to become Europe's number one in their business, not only in terms of turnover, but also in terms of EBIT. This growth required an important upgrade of ICT profiles, preferably at an affordable price.


Our solution was twofold:

Firstly, together with N² Poland, we provided the staffing for a brand-new SD nearshore development facility in Katowice, Poland. In total over twenty IT professionals were recruited through Contract2Perm. This upstaffing in Poland is ongoing and complementary to the 400+ IT employees SD Worx already has in offshoring (Mauritius).

Secondly, together with the Cooky Crunchers, we sold and delivered a series of Talent-IT Classes. Specifically, the following classes were sold and delivered in the last 12 months:

  • COBEL class (4FTE)
  • ASP.NET class (4FTE)
  • D365 class (6FTE)
  • Testing class (4FTE)


As a result, for SD Worx, we can speak of a serious upstaffing at affordable prices.

For Talent-IT, this resulted in additional anchorage of an already loyal client.

Today, SD Worx is a multi-brand customer: Talent-IT, Team4Talent and Talent2Test do business with SD Worx. Multiple services are in scope: Contracting, Contract2Perm as well as our Classes.

Recently we added the N² Polish staffing services.

Soon we hope to expand our services to other European countries. A meeting has already planned regarding Talent-IT Classes in Germany.

Want to have a look behind the scenes? Watch this video, recorded at SD Worx HQ.