Our Operations

Our operations, being services, are inherently less damaging to the environment than other business sectors.

However, the Board recognises that the business must minimise its impact on the environment and utilises recommendations from the Carbon Trust to reduce the carbon footprint of the organisation. Our environmental policy statement commits our company to:

  • Re-cycling - reducing the overall amount of waste being sent to landfill by separating out materials for recycling,
  • Water – making use of mains water supply for personal consumption through on site water filtration and purification
  • Efficiency - optimising the operation of building cooling and heating systems,
  • Energy - introducing low energy lighting wherever appropriate and feasible,
  • Technology hardware and software - software which automatically shuts down computers to reduce power consumption and heat output,
  • The introduction of ‘eco-fonts’ – these use less ink on printed matter, with only a marginal impact upon quality,
  • Travelling: promoting the use of public transport and increased use of video teleconferencing and online webinars to reduce the impact of business travel upon the environment.
  • Procurement –  processes are in place to ensure that the procurement of goods, services and material capital items such as property include a review and rating of the carbon impact of these acquisitions seeking wherever possible to reduce the our footprint.

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