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Is there increased urgency for tangible action from women working in the tech sector?

Is there increased urgency for tangible action from women working in the tech sector?

As another women in technology event draws to an end, is there a different feeling within the community and a greater will to create change at this moment?

Celebrating US Black History Month with Kirsty and Kenya

Celebrating US Black History Month with Kirsty and Kenya

When we think of Black History Month, what comes to mind? Kirsty Thomas-Brown and Kenya Haskins-Johnson discuss

How men can play a key role in gender diversity
Comment and Analysis

How men can play a key role in gender diversity

Melanie Hayes, Chief People Officer at Nash Squared, writes about how men can get involved in promoting gender diversity

2023 Digital Leadership Report

Interesting Facts around Diversity & Inclusion

Only by training and recruiting people from different, underrepresented backgrounds can organisations address inequality, make better products, and tackle the skills-gap crisis.


Of your Tech Teams are female


Of Tech Teams have no representation of ethnic minorities.
DLR 2023


Of new hires to Tech Teams are female


Is the average proportion of ethnic minorities in a Tech Team globally

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Hear some amazing Diversity & Inclusion stories and insights from our TechTalks podcast series.

"A voice for those who don't have one": We celebrate Black History Month.

To celebrate Black History Month here in the UK, we welcome Dr Christyl Johnson, Deputy Center Director for Technology and Research Investments at the Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA), to the podcast. Christyl tells us which black leaders inspire her, and what she'd say to the next generation of emerging leaders.

Diversity in Technology: The view from Amsterdam

Today's show is a recording of a Tech Talks 'Live' event from the Skybox in Amsterdam, recorded on the 22nd of September 2022. We have 6 speakers split across 2 panels tackling inclusion in the tech and startup sectors in the Netherlands. What can we learn from other territories and are the challenges we face universal?

How is technology accelerating the creation of inclusive and flexible working environments?

This weekend saw 87.000 attend a football match at Wembley that challenges norms and breaks new ground - so it seemed appropriate to see how technology might be doing the same. First we chat to Anna Makinen, Head of Clear Assured at the Clear Company. How can we measure and progress inclusion? Then we welcome Ally Fekaiki, founder of Juno, who is helping evolve the choices put to employees and recast the relationship we have with the organisations we work for.

Nash Squared presents Pride Radio

Packed with interviews, personal experiences and LGBTQ+ quiz, this will truly complete this years Pride Month! We showcase our amazing NashPride members discussing everything from allyship, to first-hand transgender experiences, coming-out stories and workplace inclusion!

How can organisations make themselves more welcoming to members of the LGBTQIA+ community?

Amanda McKay has worked in male-dominated sectors her whole life, and for part of that life she outwardly was part of that majority. We talk about her transition, privilege and how organisations can make themselves open, welcoming places for everyone to feel comfortable bringing their true self to work.

Understanding mental wellbeing and nurturing neurodiversity

To recognise Mental Health Awareness Month we're giving you insight into steps to make your working environment the best it can be for a range of individuals, as well as steps to look after your own wellbeing.