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Leadership accountability is key to diversifying talent
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Leadership accountability is key to diversifying talent

Bev White shares her thoughts on the importance of the senior leadership team of an organisation having an impact on the diversity of the workforce.

Ramadan 2024

Ramadan 2024

The last of our insights on Ramadan this year with Sami Mohammed, Hajar El Harti, India Hasimbegovic, Malak Serarfi, Zishan Khan and Farid Hafiz.

Ramadan 2024 - The Half Way Point

Ramadan 2024 - The Half Way Point

Thank you Malak Serarfi, Sami Mohammed, Zishan Khan, Farid Hafiz and Masood Khan for sharing with us an insight into your mid-way journey through Ramadan.

2023 Digital Leadership Report

Interesting Facts around Diversity & Inclusion

Only by training and recruiting people from different, underrepresented backgrounds can organisations address inequality, make better products, and tackle the skills-gap crisis.


Of your Tech Teams are female


Of Tech Teams have no representation of ethnic minorities.
DLR 2023


Of new hires to Tech Teams are female


Is the average proportion of ethnic minorities in a Tech Team globally

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Hear some amazing Diversity & Inclusion stories and insights from our TechTalks podcast series.

This International Women's Day we talk to the co-founders of AWS Cloud Women

Meet Laura Caicedo and Chara Gravani, the co-founders of AWS Cloud Women; a community helping women and inspiring them into careers in cloud computing. The gender gap in technology is bad, it's even worse in cloud despite it being one of the most heavily invested in technologies. David asks them why the community needs to exist, what a role-model or a mentor can do for someone's career, and what can others learn from their experiences.

Ayse talks us through the biggest challenges facing female leaders.

Ayse B. Cinar is an award winning leadership coach and the owner of To Be The One Coaching. She's working with female leaders juggling demands of professional and personal life, helping them to unlock the freedom needed to deliver the impact they want to. So what is her advice for today's leaders? Also on the show Cat Astier joins David Savage to talk about International Women’s Day, and we talk about Newton Foundations, a new free course from Newton Venture Program, who are aiming to broaden access to the world of venture capital.

It's World Hearing Day, so we discover how data can help us avert a hearing health crisis.

World Hearing Day is the 3rd of March. It's a day we need to pay greater attention to, because we're stumbling towards catastrophe. Listening habits are wrecking our hearing and leading to potentially huge healthy crises, especially as new research points to a correlation between hearing loss and Dementia.

Observing Black History Month in the USA (Part 2) with Juliette Powell

The second episode is with the author of 'The AI Dilemma: 7 Principles for Responsible Technology' Juliette Powell. Juliette has had an unconventional route into technology via a career in Television and eventually teaching at New York University. She is an AI expert and academic, speaking about how organizations can harness it's power. We talk about her own career, and what others can learn from her experience.

Observing Black History Month in the USA with Tia Hopkins

February is Black History Month in both the USA and Canada. To mark the month we're publishing two special episodes focused on observing the challenges the community faces in our technology sector. The first is with eSentire Chief Cyber Resilience Officer and Field CTO Tia Hopkins. Tia talks about education, ensuring corporate business is pulling it's weight in regards to preparing future professionals, and the fight to provide opportunities in cyber for black women.

Can AI reduce bias in sports talent spotting and give equal opportunity?

Today Richard Felton-Thomas joins us to talk about the bias in sport talent spotting. AI Scout is an app that uses data to benchmark talent, giving scouts a tool to augment their activities and give more opportunity to those who might otherwise miss out. On the eve (almost) of the FIFA Women's World Cup, we're celebrating anything that expands inclusion and opportunity, We also chat about Reality+, who have partnered with OTZ Sports to launch 'Own The Zone', a game with technology at it's heart.