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Tech trends: what will be hot in 2024?

Nash Squared CEO, Bev White, takes out her crystal ball and shares her thoughts on what will be trending in technology in 2024.

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We mustn’t let the return to offices kill the growth of women in technology

The ‘work from anywhere’ mantra that dominated during the pandemic and the recovery period afterwards has begun to recede.

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Women in Tech: Look how far we’ve come – look how far there is to go

Positive steps made when it comes to women in the technology sector, but here's what needs to happen for more progress in the future.


Is there increased urgency for tangible action from women working in the tech sector?

As another women in technology event draws to an end, is there a different feeling within the community and a greater will to create change at this moment?

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Women on Boards: how to get there, how to flourish there

Having a good network, listening to advice, taking on more responsibility coupled with drive and commitment can help women reach a place on the board

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To fix the talent pipeline, you need to address parents' fears for the future.

Elizabeth Tweedale is tackling the talent pipeline by sparking the curiosity of young children, before it's too late.

2023 Digital Leadership Report

The Facts around Women in Technology

Now in our 24th year, and in collaboration with CIONET, 2023 has brought more change and disruption than any of us were expecting, and this year’s report has shone a light on it. The section 'Managing the Talent Team' may be of particular interest to you.


Across the globe this is the proportion of a tech team that’s female


Across the globe this is the proportion of new hires to a tech team that’s female
DLR 2023


Across the globe this is the proportion of digital leaders that are female


Of respondents said they'd suffered gender bias in the workplace

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Hear some amazing stories and insights from our Tech Talks podcast series

Barclay’s Amy Williams talks about the challenges facing digital leaders

Today we are joined by Amy Williams CIO of Barclays UK.

Dame Caroline Dinenage MP discusses the role of government in technology

To celebrate International Women's Day we welcome Airwallex's Jessie Apple, and Dame Caroline Dinenage, MP for Gosport.

Breaking the bias with the Newton Venture Program

Eleanor Kaye, Executive Director at Newton Venture Program, explains how she's growing a new pool of VC talent.

What does a technology role model sound like?

"You can't be what you can't see"? Meet Emma Kay (WalkSafe) and Hannah Thomson (The Joy Club) two incredible role-models.

Data is revolutionising women's health.

Dr Hannah Allen (Tinto) and Ekta Tibrewal (Savage) are both using data to help empower women.
CEO Blog

What our CEO thinks

At Nash Squared Board level we are very passionate about the subject of Women in Technology. Bev White, our CEO posts her thoughts on the subject.
Diversity is a way of life

Diversity is a way of life

Diversity is a way of life not an initiative.In the past few weeks I have been seeing just how productive and rich our world is when we live in this way.

In celebration of talented women

In celebration of talented women

This week talented women have taken centre stage for me...

International Women’s Day – We Must Knock Down a Thousand Tiny Walls

International Women’s Day – We Must Knock Down a Thousand Tiny Walls

International Women’s Day – We Must Knock Down a Thousand Tiny Walls