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Crafting Visual Stories: Deb Dutta’s Mission to Revolutionize Content Creation with Criya

Criya is an AI startup that helps create visually appealing content in seconds. The platform began as a tool for Deb to present their personal brand effectively and evolved into a comprehensive solution for creating pitch decks and personal brand profiles. The interview also covers the challenges of being a first-generation immigrant and the importance of standing out and making an impression quickly in professional settings. We’re covering entrepreneurship, personal branding, and the democratization of access to content creation.

Crafting Visual Stories: Deb Dutta’s Mission to Revolutionize Content Creation with Criya


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David Savage

Meet David Savage, the driving force behind Nash Squared's Tech Talks

David is Nash Squared's Group Technology Evangelist. He crafts podcasts, hosts video debates, speaks, moderates conferences, and chairs keynote stages. He's a passionate advocate for technology, dissecting its challenges and opportunities.

David has worked at Nash Squared since 2007, where he has developed a deep understanding of the technology and talent markets. Recognised as Computing's Digital Ambassador of the Year (2018), he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to every conversation.

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"David has a unique ability to keep the conversation fast paced without skipping important details. Context remains even with complex topics."
Joel Tasche
co-CEO Cleanhub
"On Tech Talks, you dive straight into a great, flowing conversation. His insightful questions about technology and the InvestEngine platform made for an engaging discussion."
Tom Winterton
Head of Platform InvestEngine
"Joining the Tech Talk podcast with David was an amazing experience; he's a skilled host who makes the conversation enjoyable and engaging. I would welcome the opportunity to come back for another chat!"
Kathryn Rose
Founder getWise

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