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We have lift off… The opportunities and risks of generative AI

Melanie Hayes, Chief People Officer, and Bill Boorman, Technology and Talent Advisor, discuss how generative AI theory is now being put into practice.

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From CDO to CTIO – what tech leader job titles really mean, and who calls the shots

In this article, Lily Haake, Head of Technology & Digital Executive Search at Harvey Nash, looks at the different C-Suite job titles and what they do

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Foreign power activity raises the cyber stakes for digital leaders

Nash Squared CISO, Jim Tiller, looks at the impact of global unrest on organisation's cybersecurity.

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Nash Squared helps skill up young people to take on hackers

New post-16 qualification “critically important to the future of cyber security”


Is regulation going to help tech protect us from ourselves? Should we be scared for teens online or scared of them?‍

Will the Online Safety Bill help protect the vulnerable and young online? Does Gen Z need protecting from itself?

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Three million empty seats: What can we do about the cyber skills shortage?

Jim Tiller, CISO at Nash Squared, shares his thoughts on how to fill the cyber skills gap.

2023 Digital Leadership Report

Interesting Facts around Cybersecurity

Managing cybersecurity has never been more challenging. The increasing threat environment, expanding attack surface, and continuous stakeholder demands for transparency are only adding to the challenges. Our Digital Leadership Survey through up some interesting discussion.


Experienced major cyber attacks in the last 2 years


Of our respondents are fearing a cyber attack from foreign powers
DLR 2023


In large organisations (total IT budget > US$250m) report having had a major attack


Of all digital leaders state that digital transformation was accelerated after an attack

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Hear some amazing stories and insights from our Security Bytes podcast series

Implementing Zero Trust - Part Four

Join me, Dr. Chase Cunningham, Jaye Tillson, and Dustin Owens one more time for the fourth and final episode discussing Implementing Zero Trust. While I intended for this episode to be about a future world where we have zero trust everywhere, it went, let's just say off topic. We cover some interesting ground and some entertaining perspectives. You'll enjoy this one!

Implementing Zero Trust - Part Three

Join me, Dr. Chase Cunningham, Jaye Tillson, and Dustin Owens for the third episode discussing Implementing Zero Trust. In this episode we go through each of the seven principals as defined by the DoD strategy. Very interesting interpretations that will help you implement ZT.

Implementing Zero Trust - Part Two

Join me, Dr. Chase Cunningham, Jaye Tillson, and Dustin Owens for the second episode discussing Implementing Zero Trust. In this episode we ask what does good look like?

Implementing Zero Trust - Part One

We talk a lot about Zero Trust. Is it a product, architecture, a culture? Or all the above? Join me and three top players in cybersecurity. I've brought together Dr. Chase Cunningham, Jaye Tillson, and Dustin Owens for a very interesting conversation about implementing Zero Trust, which might surprise you!

Will AI eat your lunch?

Join me and seven cybersecurity experts to discuss the topic of AI. We've brought together Joseph Schorr, Dustin Owens, Jaye Tillson, Jeffrey Wheat, Cary Wymer, Chris Glanden, and Dr. Chase Cunningham for some very interesting conversations about the various views and potential future related to AI.

A panel discussion about Zero Trust with Dr. Chase Cunningham and Jaye Tillson

Join me and two heavy hitters in the cybersecurity industry talking about Zero Trust and what it means today and what will tomorrow look like.