20,000 calories and 38,000 km later, Nash Squared celebrate the end of their World Games with charity donation

June 27, 2022
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Friday 24th June – Nash Squared today celebrated the end of their annual World Games competition and announced the winning team - congratulations to Harvey Nash USA!

The Nash Squared World Games sees employees and friends of the business - which includes the Harvey Nash, NashTech, Crimson, Spinks and Talent-IT brands - track their exercise activity through the GoJoe social fitness app.  

Over a three week period more than 600 participants from 10 countries aimed to collect as many points as possible by running, cycling, walking, swimming as well as taking part in yoga, HIIT workouts and weight training. Together Nash Squared burnt 5.6m calories (that’s the equivalent of 20,000 pizzas) and travelled 38,000 kilometres.  

Harvey Nash USA, the winning team with the highest average points per person, chose Feeding America as their partner charity, which will receive a £5000 donation from Nash Squared.  

Harvey Nash USA faced strong competition, especially from Crimson in the UK, and our Belgium Friends team consisting of local contacts in that country. The Nash Squared UK and Ireland team and NashTech team in Vietnam also put in a great performance, with the most people signed up to the challenge.

We’ve put together a video to relive the best bits of the Nash Squared World Games 2022, and we can’t wait for next year’s competition!

Bev White, CEO of Nash Squared commented: “It has been a fun, and exhausting three weeks! During the Games there were wonderful stories, ranging from lunch hour HIIT classes, to team walks in the countryside, to 5am 90km cycle rides and plenty of yoga. It has been wonderful to see us all come together and we are fitter, stronger, lighter, more flexible and, I think, happier as a result. Well done to Harvey Nash USA for their win, but also everyone for taking part in this wonderful challenge.”

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