Harvey Nash Group signs declaration with Workplace Pride

February 17, 2022
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Harvey Nash Group has signed the Declaration of Amsterdam in conjunction with Workplace Pride. The declaration builds on the Group’s commitment to being an inclusive employer, creating a safe and supportive environment for all members of the LGBTQIA+ community.  

What is the Declaration of Amsterdam?

The Declaration of Amsterdam was devised by Workplace Pride in 2011 and is the starting point for organisations across the globe to enhance their commitment to diversity and inclusion from the LGBTQIA+ perspective. The declaration encourages:

  • Inclusive corporate cultures where LGBTQIA+ employees feel valued, can be their authentic selves and realise their full potential
  • Working environments for LGBTQIA+ people that go beyond minimum legal requirements of equality
  • Active leadership from straight/heterosexual allies and LGBTQIA+ role models who visibly support LGBTQIA+-inclusive workplaces
  • Dedicated, declared, and active collaboration between employers and LGBTQIA+ employees to realize mutually beneficial improvements

The event, which took place at the Group's head office in London was attended by: David Pollard, Executive Director and Brian Yothers, Global Benchmark, Data and Relationship Manager, of Workplace Pride; Harvey Nash Group's LGBTQIA+ steering team; and colleagues from across the company.

Melanie Hayes, Chief People Officer, Harvey Nash Group commented: “This is a major milestone in the Group’s commitment to creating an environment where everyone can succeed. Being an inclusive employer touches every part of our business, and I am so pleased to see how colleagues from every community across the Group have become part of this important initiative. We’ve not finished yet, and this declaration in partnership with Workplace Pride, is a key to our continuing journey.”
Brian Yothers, Global Benchmark, Data and Relationship Manager, Workplace Pride commented: “It was truly an inspiration to see the energy and commitment of the NashPride, the DEI team and all of the allies in the room today to mark this significant and important commitment to LGBTIQ+ inclusion.  It is a pleasure to support you in your efforts!”

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