As the skills crisis worsens, what actions can ease the pressure to find talent?

November 4, 2021
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Tech Returners are on a mission to empower skilled individuals to return to mid-senior level technology careers. They work with businesses who recognise the value of industry returners skills and who share their passion and drive to succeed in the tech industry.

Since 2017 they have worked with businesses like AutoTrader, The BBC,, Lloyds Banking Group, ANS and Infinity Works (to name but a few). It’s a show of commitment to removing the barriers which returners face after a career break and to tackle the skills shortage in technology by empowering skilled people back into technology careers and providing continuous support on their journeys through technology and into leadership.

It’s also Tech Returners’ 4th birthday this weekend, so a perfect time to celebrate the work of Beckie and her colleagues.

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