Nash Squared launch Tech Flix – short documentaries on tech that is changing the world

March 21, 2023
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Nash Squared, the leading global provider of technology and talent solutions, has launched Tech Flix; a series of short documentaries shining a light on the technologies and innovations changing our world.

Building on the success of Nash Squared’s Tech Talks – one of the top 5% ‘most shared’ podcasts on Spotify - Tech Flix’s first episode looks how advancements in medical technology are making a major difference to patient outcomes.

The show is hosted by Group Technology Evangelist David Savage, and features interviews with:

  • Dr Atul Gupta, Chief Medical Officer for Philips;
  • Jack O’Meara, CEO and co-founder of Ochre Bio; and
  • Paula Hanford, CEO of PSC Support.

To watch, visit:

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