Ramadan 2023

April 19, 2023
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The last of our insights on Ramadan this year with Abdul Majeed, Habeeb Mohammed, Ali Bin Mohammed and Nazir Abdullah.

Abdul, Habeeb, Nazir and Ali
Abdul, Habeeb, Nazir and Ali

What have you enjoyed the most about Ramadan this year?

The fact that I was with my family and was fortunate enough to spend Ramadan this year with them (because of WFH). - Habeeb Mohammed

I have enjoyed every moment from having Sehar/Iftar with family, sometimes at friend’s house, going to the mosque 5 times with friends, sitting with them, enjoying shopping for Eid, etc. - Ali Bin Mohammed

What I've enjoyed the most is the sense of community and togetherness that comes with it. Sharing iftar meals with family and friends, attending taraweeh prayers at the mosque. Overall, Ramadan has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to reflect, connect with others, and deepen my spirituality. - Abdul Majeed

This year, it feels like the time is passing very fast and it also feels like Ramadhan had just started and just ended. Overall, it was an excellent experience as always. The main focus was on praying and spending for the ones in need. - Nazir Abdullah

Did your routine change throughout the month?

My eating pattern changed. I adopted healthier habits. I felt good after refraining myself from lots of unnecessary things. - Habeeb Mohammed

Yes, it changed throughout the month. - Ali Bin Mohammed

My daily routine changes during Ramadan as I’m working the night shift. Once I logout, I have to take a Seher meal before sunrise. This meal is meant to provide strength throughout the day while fasting and pray the Fajr prayer. I then wake up at around 12 noon and attend afternoon prayers followed by reciting Quran, and preparing arrangements of all iftar meals like dates, fruits, and some traditional drinks. After iftar, perform the Maghrib prayer then I will log in to work. - Abdul Majeed

Yes, the routine changed to balance my work-life, and I was pretty much comfortable doing that. - Nazir Abdullah

Tell us about your planned celebrations for Eid Al-Fitr.

I would start the day with early morning prayers. Get ready with new clothes and head to Eid prayer gathering with my father and younger brother. Once prayers are completed and after heading back home, I would go straight to my mother to seek her blessings. Enjoy Eid special delicacies and then meet paternal/maternal family members and friends. - Habeeb Mohammed

I am a member of a large family, I’m the seventh child which makes me one of the youngest members. I get along with my elders and enjoy time spent with my siblings, family, wife and kids and in-laws. - Ali Bin Mohammed

I attend Eid Al-Fitr prayers in the morning and wear new clothes, visit my relatives and friends’ homes to exchange greetings and have traditional foods and sweets. - Abdul Majeed

I have started to do shopping for Eid, and bought some good baked food. I have also bought good oudh (perfume), and new suits for everyone in my family. - Nazir Abdullah

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