Tech firms lack Net Zero plan

January 11, 2024
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  • 6 in 10 Tech companies report no plan to meet a Net Zero target
  • Heavier industry sectors are better prepared
  • Of those with a Net Zero target, over half (59%) of global tech leaders expect to reach it

Nearly half of global tech leaders (47%), including over one quarter (28%) from publicly listed companies, report that their organisation has no plan to meet a Net Zero target, and although heavier industries such as power & utilities, construction, transport, and manufacturing are better prepared, tech firms are one of the worst offenders, with almost 6 in 10 (58%) lacking any Net Zero ambition.

These findings are revealed in the 25th annual Nash Squared Digital Leadership Report, based on the world’s largest and longest-running annual survey of technology leadership .

The report also found that less than half (47%) of tech leaders globally say their board recognises that technology is crucial to improving sustainability. Worryingly, this has only risen marginally from 2021 (43%) and 2022 (44%).

However, the global report also found that for those tech leaders that have a Net Zero plan in place (53%), a third say they are due to achieve their target by 2030, with a further 18% setting their sights further into the future. For those who have set themselves a target, over half (59%) expect to reach it.

Top three industry sectors with a Net Zero target

  1. Power & utilities - 76%
  2. Government - 72%
  3. Transport/logistics - 72%

Bottom three industry sectors with a Net Zero target

  1. Healthcare - 47%
  2. Technology - 41%
  3. Telecommunications - 38%

The report points out that technology has an important role to play in helping organisations lower their carbon footprint, such as by reducing the need to travel and delivering data insights to improve performance. There are also small ways in their use of technology that organisations can lower their carbon impact. For instance, the report says that the average carbon footprint of an email is 0.3g CO2e – but if it has one image or an attachment it is around 50g CO2e, so just leaving a logo off a company email can make a difference. Organisations will need to embrace incremental developments such as these, as it’s both the little and the large steps that lead to real change.

Bev White, CEO of Nash Squared, said:

“Although it’s very disappointing that almost half of boards do not recognise that technology is crucial to reducing their carbon footprint, there is good news from those that do recognise it and are working towards a Net Zero plan; with well over half expecting to reach their target.
Those in heavier industry sectors such as power & utilities and transport/logistics leading the pack in working towards Net Zero. But this begs the question of how accurately different sectors are estimating their impact on the environment. Organisations from industries such as technology and telecommunications need to alter their opinion that it is just certain sectors creating the fumes and chemicals impacting the planet.
One thing is without question: tech leaders will need to find innovative ways of using the technology that they have to commit to a more sustainable future, as a miracle solution isn’t just over the horizon. The current economic situation may not be helping, but we need to move Net Zero off the ‘corporate governance’ agenda, and into actual working practices and operations on the ground.”


About the Report

In its 25th year of publication, the 2023 Nash Squared Digital Leadership Report is the world’s largest and longest running survey of senior technology decision makers. Launched in 1998 and previously called the CIO Survey, it has been an influential and respected indicator of major trends in technology and digital for over two decades. This year a survey of 2,104 technology/digital leaders globally took place between 22nd June 2023 and 18th September 2023, across 86 countries.

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