Harvey Nash Group Technology & Talent Study 2021


With over 1720 respondents from 69 countries, the Harvey Nash Group Technology & Talent Study is one of the largest tech reports on the planet. It covers...

  • Over half of all tech workers report that workloads are up during Covid-19
  • 75% more tech workers are presently concerned about the state of their mental health compared to before the pandemic
  • Companies rise to the mental health challenge – with more support offered
  • The tech roles most likely to receive pay rises – Development Management/Team Leadership, Architecture and Software Engineering
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Some of the main takeaway facts from the Tech & Talent Study

More hours - more stress - but also more support

Despite the significant rise in mental health concerns across the technology sector, the study found that more companies are being supportive, with over 80% ‘quite’ or ‘very’ supportive towards staff with concerns. Encouragingly, those companies regarded as unsupportive have dropped by almost a quarter in the past year.

Where the pay rises are in tech

Salary rate changes were dependent on sector, with two of the sectors to rapidly transform their operations to digital/online (healthcare and retail/leisure) rewarding workers the most. For example, In the healthcare sector over half (54%) of tech professionals reported that their pay had risen, with a similar number (50%) in retail/leisure.

WFH has been a success for many

Although longer hours and stress has been on the rise throughout the pandemic, the majority of tech workers haven’t missed their daily commute to the office as they have benefited from the greater flexibility that WFH has brought. In fact, the number of tech workers happy in their role has increased this year to almost two thirds (63%), and there are fewer tech workers unhappy in their role than in 2020.

The new deal for technologists

For the first time, work location & remote working has risen to become one of the three most important factors for engaging and retaining key technology talent during and after the pandemic. Leaders will therefore need to rethink how they attract and engage their employees in a world where physical location is no longer a prime asset.