Podcasts - Leadership Challenges

Navigating tech transformation and it's challenges with Chris Williamson
April 3, 2024
Our guest is Chris Williamson, Group Technology Director of N Brown Group
What is the future of payments?
March 11, 2024
Today our guest is PwC's Sumitha Fernandez Musoles
AI, authenticity and the future of Web Summit: what have we learnt at tech's biggest festival.
November 16, 2023
Alisa Cohn and Sonya Barlow join David on the conference floor.
What's driving growth in the global fintech marketplace?
November 14, 2023
GFT’s UK Client Solutions Director for Retail Banking, Richard Kalas joins the podcast.
In the always on world, how do you build customer loyalty?
October 19, 2023
Today we welcome PagerDuty CEO Jennifer Tejada
How do you avoid falling out with your cofounder?
September 28, 2023
Today we are joined by Tanis Jorge, Author of The Cofounder’s Handbook, Founder of The Cofounder's Hub
We revisit Ukraine with Techstack
September 14, 2023
Today we're joined by Ivan Ieremenko, co-founder and CEO of Techstack.
Gonçalo helps us to understand the power of “the human firewall”
August 31, 2023
Today we welcome Gonçalo Gaiolas, Chief Product Officer at SoSafe
Barclay’s Amy Williams talks about the challenges facing digital leaders
August 29, 2023
Today we are joined by Amy Williams CIO of Barclays UK.
What makes a merger successful?
August 10, 2023
Today we're joined by Sumeet Arora, Chief Development Officer at ThoughtSpot, and Benn Stancil, formerly the Chief Technology Officer at Mode (and now ThoughtSpot)
From one founder to another; Rahul Vohra shares his leadership lessons
August 3, 2023
Today we are joined by Rahul Vohra
How do companies spot data anomalies as they move towards 'digital first'? Step forward LogicMonitor
August 1, 2023
What questions should leaders ask themselves? Christina Kosmowski (CEO LogicMonitor) helps us answer that and more.
The latest in technology from Collision Conference in Toronto (Part 2)
July 11, 2023
Joining the podcast today; Rupal Hollebeck (President of Check Point) and Todd Olson (CEO & Founder of Pendo)
As technology change speeds up, how do we protect people from it's impact?
July 4, 2023
Srini Koushik, CTO at Rackspace, is making sure his business is aware of the impact of progress.
Leadership lesson from London Tech Week
June 15, 2023
Bev White, Nash Squared CEO, joins us to share her takeaways from appearing at London Tech Week
We're exploring travel, education and the need for recognition in technology.
January 24, 2023
TUI's Group Technology Director Chris Williamson, and author Maria Allen-Fernandez join us on today's podcast.
When you're part of the founding team of Linkedin, what do you do next?
December 6, 2022
Eric Ly, CEO of Karma Check (and founding CTO of Linkedin), and Milan Juza, CIO at TUI, share their leadership insights.
Do you keep good company via the purchases you make?
October 11, 2022
Alexandra Birtles, founder of In Good Company, explains how she wants to help us make good choices.
Can technology help tackle the cost of living crisis?
May 3, 2022
Low income workers are feeling the pinch. Wagestream's Peter Briffett thinks technology can help.
Tech Talks Extra: Interview with MacPaw CEO Oleksandr Kosovan
April 21, 2022
As the conflict in Ukraine becomes increasingly drawn-out we talk to Oleksandr, a technology entrepreneur who stayed in Kyiv.
ESG is not just a slogan; get it wrong and you'll lose business.
December 21, 2021
If you think ESG is just another tick the box exercise you're going to fall behind the competition.
How do founders and tech leaders maintain a healthy mental mindset?
November 30, 2021
Joining David Savage on this week's show are Craig Dunham, CEO of Deepcrawl, and Thomas Vosper, founder of Aisle 3.
Listen to the competition to break through the noise.
September 30, 2021
People buy from people, so put yourself into your content! We chat to Jonny Ross.
How does a leader build a team, and give them purpose?
September 17, 2021
Andy Smith, CIO at UCL shares his insight since taking the role.
What's the role of a CIO post-pandemic? Andy Smith from UCL shares his thoughts
September 14, 2021
Andy Smith, CIO at UCL shares his insight since taking the role.
Shareq Husain (UK GM of Residently) is helping take the pain out of property!
September 10, 2021
Lettings, sales, referencing... paperwork and pain. Or maybe not? Meet Residently.
Kaveh Pourteymour talks about the role tech can play in creating green energy
September 7, 2021
Kaveh Pourteymour is the CIO of Neptune Energy, and today we're exploring how to meet demands for energy whilst being kinder to the planet.

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