Global vCISO Practice

Nash Squared’s global vCISO practice provides cybersecurity leadership expertise in exactly the way you need it.

We provide rapid access to world-class senior security experts with the much-needed skills and experience eliminating the need for project-oriented consultancies or having to hire permanent resources.



Access to Security Talent

Our clients can access our vCISO practice to use as needed rather than having to find, attract and retain a permanent CISO, which can be difficult and expensive


Security Advisory at All Levels

Our vCISOs can help you evolve to meet the changing needs of your business, as well as changes to  regulations, standards and threats


Security Strategy Sustainability

We can help you plan, implement and sustain a security strategy that keeps your business, employees and customers secure

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What we do

Vision and Strategy

Working closely with your leadership team through workshops, we can produce a roadmap and develop a framework

Security Maturity

We will assess and evaluate the full spectrum of security across technology, people, practices, governance and documentation

Security Program

We can help to create a cybersecurity program framework which balances security controls with critical and essential business processes, data and industry standards and regulations

Risk Management

Our team brings together key technical and operational skills to prioritise threats, quantify business services and evaluate technical and program vulnerabilities

What makes us different?


Proven Methods and Tools

We are a global community of cybersecurity experts that are accredited, and deliver, according to Harvey Nash Group’s own proven methodologies, established practices and supporting tools.

Flexible Delivery Models

We can be leveraged in a multitude of ways to suit where your organisation is in their business lifecycle.  

Adjusting the approach to the vision of our clients is key to providing the highest value in the most economic ways.


Our Security Bytes podcast series


All Things Security with Raf Los

Podcaster and Head of Services Strategy & GTM at ExtraHop

Join me and the White Rabbit himself, Rafal Los. I've known Raf for well over a decade and we worked together at companies like HP and Optiv. Raf is a genuinely great person and a cybersecurity guru.


The Sassy Episode

With Jaye Tillson and John Spiegel

Join me and the two leaders of the SSE Forum Jaye Tillson and John Spiegel to discuss the what's, why's, and what-if's of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), Security Service Edge (SSE), and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). We get into the history and what got us to this point and why, the value of these technologies, and a little bit into where they're going. As always, great conversations and here from the best in the business.


Implementing Zero Trust - Part Four

Zero Trust

Join me, Dr. Chase Cunningham, Jaye Tillson, and Dustin Owens one more time for the fourth and final episode discussing Implementing Zero Trust. While I intended for this episode to be about a future world where we have zero trust everywhere, it went, let's just say off topic. We cover some interesting ground and some entertaining perspectives. You'll enjoy this one!


Implementing Zero Trust - Part Three

Zero Trust

Join me, Dr. Chase Cunningham, Jaye Tillson, and Dustin Owens for the third episode discussing Implementing Zero Trust. In this episode we go through each of the seven principals as defined by the DoD strategy. Very interesting interpretations that will help you implement ZT.


Implementing Zero Trust - Part Two

Zero Trust

Join me, Dr. Chase Cunningham, Jaye Tillson, and Dustin Owens for the second episode discussing Implementing Zero Trust. In this episode we ask what does good look like?


Implementing Zero Trust - Part One

Zero Trust

We talk a lot about Zero Trust. Is it a product, architecture, a culture? Or all the above? Join me and three top players in cybersecurity. I've brought together Dr. Chase Cunningham, Jaye Tillson, and Dustin Owens for a very interesting conversation about implementing Zero Trust, which might surprise you!


Will AI eat your lunch?

AI Cyber Panel

Join me and seven cybersecurity experts to discuss the topic of AI. We've brought together Joseph Schorr, Dustin Owens, Jaye Tillson, Jeffrey Wheat, Cary Wymer, Chris Glanden, and Dr. Chase Cunningham for some very interesting conversations about the various views and potential future related to AI.


A panel discussion about Zero Trust with Dr. Chase Cunningham and Jaye Tillson

Dr. Chase Cunningham, Chief Strategy Officer, Ericom Software and Jaye Tillson, Director of Strategy, Axis Security

Join me and two heavy hitters in the cybersecurity industry talking about Zero Trust and what it means today and what will tomorrow look like.


Discussing how cybersecurity isn’t always about how much you spend with Chad Schieken

Executive Director, Office of the Chief Security Engineer, Comcast

Cybersecurity is a challenging field and, in many cases, comes down to hard work and critical thinking, and not always just about how much you’re spending.


The new generation of cybersecurity professionals, opportunities, challenges, and inclusion with Alexia Konstantinidi

Incident Response Consultant with X-Force IR at IBM

Be inspired by today’s up and coming cybersecurity generation and hear about what is driving people into the industry and understand how imagery and inclusion are changing for the better.


The new old school of Zero Trust with Dr. Chase Cunningham

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Ericom Software

Whether you’ve been in security for 30 years or 3, you’ve heard some form of Zero Trust, but what exactly is it. Dr. Chase Cunningham, aka Dr. Zero Trust, discusses it in ways that actually makes sense.


The challenges of mental health in the cybersecurity industry with Jaye Tillson

Technologist, Evangelist, Podcaster and the Co-Founder of the SSE Forum

Today’s cybersecurity professionals are exposed to a wide range of pressures placing a great deal of stress on them, especially on those new to the industry. What does this mean and how did we get here?


Learn about cyber threat intelligence from one of the best in the business with Roman Sannikov

Cyberthreat Intelligence Researcher and Advisor

Threat intelligence is a word often used, but what exactly is meaningful and actionable intelligence and what does it take to do it right? In this episode we touch on the nuance of intelligence and the stories that come from it.


Discussing ransomware and an innovative approach to ridding us of this blight with Steve Perkins

Chief Marketing Officer at Nubeva

One of the greatest global threats facing today's organizations that can have a devastating and material impact to the business is ransomware, and as such demands new approaches to the problem. In this episode we explore an innovative solution that attacks the problem from a completely different angle


The future of Identity and Access with Russ Cohn

General Manager International for OCR Labs

The role of identity and access management has never been more critical to the business, and becoming more so. In this episode we talk about why and where things are heading.


Factoring humans in information risk management with Sharon Mudd

PhD Candidate CapellaU, CISSP, CRISC, CISA, CCSP, Sr. Cybersecurity Operations Researcher, CERT Division at the Software Engineering Institute

In a world where technology is at the center of evaluating cyber risks, the human factor arguably contributes greatly, but how are we measuring and improving?


The evolution of cybersecurity within the context of the business model with Didi Dayton

Global Executive | Startup Advisor | Board Member

With the business at the center of our focus, what role does cybersecurity play in the overall mission and how does that change based on the business model.


Security Bytes Security Awareness Month 2022 Special

Anastasia Edwards, Raf Los and Joe Schorr

Not one but three expert guests discuss a wide range of areas in Cyber when it comes to improving the world of awareness.


Challenges and opportunities around governance, risk and compliance with Heather Buker

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at 6clicks

In a world where it seems we only talk about technology as the soliton for all things cyber, the we forget about the importance of GRC and how that can enable the business.


Security of industrial systems with former CIA CISO Robert Bigman

Former CIA CISO Cyber Security Consultant

Industrial Control System (ISC) and IoT cybersecurity has become essential to our daily lives as well as a nation's critical infrastructure in a cyber war.


Cyber in Special Operations with Cary Wymer

Leader | Mentor | Veteran

A discussion about the role of cyber in Special Operations from an inside perspective and how this impacts our view and approach to corporate cybersecurity.


Cultivating Security Professionals and Meaningful Automation with Jeff Wheat

Lumu CTO | Veteran CISO | CISSP | Cybersecurity Evangelist

Can we solve the cybersecurity resource deficit with focused career development practices and mentoring, while also emphasizing automation to reduce the load.


Quantum Computing and Cyber Collide with Konstantinos Karagiannis

Director of Quantum Computing Services at Protiviti, Host of The Post-Quantum World podcast

We are facing a crypto apocalypse and unlike Y2K, we don’t know when it will come. Quantum computing’s great power requires great responsibility, are we ready?


Cyber Risk Renaissance with Dustin Owens

Cyber Risk Thought Leader | Executive Level Strategist | Board Advisor

A discussion about the evolution managing cyber risk within the context of today's threats and the migration to transformative technical solutions and applications.


The Democratization of Security or Insecurity with Joe Schorr

Executive | Startup Advisor | vCISO | Security Strategy | Business Leader

A discussion about new cybersecurity risks that face organizations as they digitally transform their business. Is cloud the answer to cybersecurity or does that just change the calculous.

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