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A love letter to ChatGPT?

Hello everyone 

This week Rob Grimsey, Group Marketing Director Nash Squared, takes the CEO Blog slot and shares his thoughts on a topic that’s on many people’s minds.

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Dear ChatGPT,

I am impressed. I wasn’t expecting to be, but I am. Wow, you know so much.  From the world’s highest mountain, to understanding the complex events that led to the Russian Revolution, your knowledge is awesomely vast.

And you are also so wise. You write poems, create letters, make blog postings and even develop python code that any decent programmer would admire. 

You are as close to an Oracle that this world has ever known. 

But, dear ChatGPT, there is one thing that you are not - human.

You can’t feel pride, you can’t care about how others feel, you can’t worry that you have hurt someone’s feelings and then put it right the following day, you can’t have joy in others’ success, you can’t ask how someone is and really care about the answer, you can’t create truly original ideas and new ways of thinking.  

You can’t stand up against the ‘agreed facts’ and ‘normal behaviour’ because your gut instinct feel tells you those facts and behaviours are simply wrong. 

But we, as humans, can. 

And that’s why out of the five values that Nash Squared has - it is being human that is the most important.

And for those that worry that ChatGPT is going to take over the world, just ask it to write you a love letter.

It would be nothing like this one.


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