A new page...

For me there is nothing quite like a new page. It's an opportunity to start something afresh, to take everything good with you, to keep the lessons learnt but start out on the next stage of a journey or begin a completely new one. It's like the feeling you experience at the start of a brand new year, the first day of a holiday, day 1 in a new role, you get the idea.

I think what I have always found exciting with this fresh page idea is that every day is a brand new opportunity to do this. I absolutely love this. It’s a mindset, getting my head around this not being another continuation of the many days before it, instead each day being unique. I find it energising. Now, I am like all of us, not every day do I leap out of bed thinking like this. Some days are hard and no matter how positive I am it’s difficult to shake off a less positive feeling. On these days it’s a case of understanding what I need to do to work through this. For me it’s knowing that If I go for a walk, speak to a friend, read a poem I love, listen to some music, I can emerge in a different state. We humans are complex and life isn’t always a bed of roses for sure.

This morning’s sunrise dog walk took me through a gorgeous woodland with carpets of bluebells. The birds were singing and the sunlight filtering through the trees. I have shared the photo I took here with you. I could easily have been walking through a city scape and taking in the fresh new day, walking through historic buildings and treading the paths that thousands have done before me.

This week, on ‘Star Wars day’, May the Fourth, we turned a fresh new page in our history and became Nash Squared. It was an exciting day for me as we stood on a foundation of our 34 years of doing great work with clients, candidates and contractors and all the expertise that we have built so far. As I stood looking at the Nash Squared brand alongside our famous industry specialism brands I took time to reflect on the many colleagues past and present who had brought us to this place. Our values stand out loud and proud, that of being human, hungry, open, collaborative and entrepreneurial. We carry all of this forward with us.

As Nash Squared we will go on to write new pages together, building on the great work of our past, and evolving our businesses. It’s an exciting new day, a fresh new page has been turned and we are ready to go!

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