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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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A virtual week, with very real successes

This week kicked off with a fantastic start and a Harvey Nash Group first. We ran our first fully virtual Induction for new starters across the Group, led by our very own Rob Grimsey. It was full of energetic, bright, curious brand new Harvey Nashers. Just brilliant to be part of this. Loads of great questions from everyone.

Whilst we are in this strange day-to-day world we continue to win and develop our business. Across the world this week we have won some fantastic new business, much of which we have all read about in our InterNashional news. Congratulations to everyone who have brought in new business throughout the week.

We have also been learning from each other and exploring what it would take successful services in one country into new territories. An example of this is the very successful Junior Classes service from Belgium where we’ve been exploring how we could make them more widely available in the Group.

We have an extensive team working across the NHS throughout the UK to support the demand for talent. We are focused on the public sector and taking all we have learnt so far and our credentials and taking this into new geographies. So, whilst we are unable to physically move around we are as a business continuing to move at speed in our development. Many more game changing projects are in the pipeline. We need to be ready for when the world goes back to more normal times, and having everything in place for these times is important work.

I am continuing to keep us present and visible in the media and this week participated in a number of journalists interviews and requests for comments,  so watch out for those. I have also been talking with the Staffing Industry Analysts to gain insight on what buying patterns they see from the world’s largest companies and also what key trends around the world are happening with other recruitment businesses. The better informed we are, the faster we will be able to respond to needs and bounce back when the world returns to more usual ways.

And finally, I want to thank everyone for the emails throughout the week, letting me know how you are, sharing insight and an especially big thank you to Gary Wills from Crimson who sent me a little video yesterday just to say hello from his new place of work.

Enjoy the time off this afternoon with your loved ones and don’t forget to let us know of any community work you may choose to do. We would love to hear about this and see any photos. Keep well and safe.


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