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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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Blown away

There isn’t a single day in Nash Squared where I don’t find myself blown away by the sheer talent of our colleagues around the world. At our Strategic Connections Conference a few weeks ago, it was abundantly evident that we work with the very best people in our industries.

Last week I went to India with some colleagues. Having never visited India before, I found this to be similarly like Vietnam in that it is a fully immersive experience. A culturally rich country where the sights and sounds are in vast contrast to the west in which I grew up. It draws you in to being fully present, with your brain fully switched into curiosity mode.  We visited Hyderabad where we have 220 fantastic colleagues led by PVM Srinivas.

Back in October 2020, we acquired the Latitude 36 business (now Harvey Nash), and at that time we had 90 colleagues in India, who were delivering such a unique service in partnership with the USA onshore teams. I often describe their work as forensic in nature; incredible attention to detail and learning from what works and what does not, then changing the ways of working based on this. It is a work of art and science combined, and has been one of the keys to the success of our growth in the USA.

Today, we have 220 colleagues in India.- all super smart and highly engaged in doing their very best work. This growth has been phenomenal and we now have started supporting other countries outside of the USA. We now have colleagues in Hyderabad supporting Spinks, Harvey Nash UK, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Our experience of Harvey Nash India began at the airport, where we met PVM who gave us such a warm welcome, thank you PVM. At the office, we were met by some of the day shift and senior team colleagues. This is a new office which we invested in for our colleagues this year. The office was modern, light, well equipped and very representative of Nash Squared offices around the world. The day shift colleagues were in when we arrived, but it wasn’t long before the night shift colleagues came in several hours early to meet with us.

Each colleague introduced themselves, spoke of their length of time at Harvey Nash, the team they work with offshore, the clients they support, their ambitions and justifiably their pride in their work. I was simply blown away, as were my travelling companion colleagues. We have such bright, ambitious yet humble colleagues. We took many photos together, we spoke about where the Nash Squared businesses are going, Nick Lonsdale spoke about NashTech’s development plans and connection with the Harvey Nash business. We answered many questions from our colleagues.

It was a short visit, but we used all the hours and minutes available to us to be present and available. Thank you to everyone in our Hyderabad office for the work that you do. We are very proud of you. I promised to come back in Q1 next year and I am counting the days.

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