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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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Are we nearly there yet?

As a young child you may recall frequently asking this of your increasingly weary parents, as you travelled somewhere where the excitement of arriving made the journey seem to last forever.

You may be wondering why I have been thinking about this during the week? There are a few reasons.

I have been part of the Harvey Nash Group for 6 months now and I am so proud and happy to be here. For many of us who joined around the same time we have spent the majority of this time working remotely and interacting largely through Teams.

I have to confess I am impatient to be able to be out in our offices around the world, meeting everyone in person, meeting clients again. Some days it’s frustrating right? I am grateful though that we have Teams and we can meet each other virtually, connecting with Nashers around the world. I am inspired daily by the work you do, the ideas you bring forward and the clients and candidates we work with.

This past two weeks I have been privileged to work on an assignment supporting one of our team interviewing and assessing a new CIO for a client. It was great to experience first-hand the quality of the work we do, the relationships we build with our clients and the 100% commitment that goes in to supporting them. Thank you Peter Birch for bringing me in on your assignment, I enjoyed it immensely.

Now we have almost finalised our 3 year strategy, I am impatient that we reach our goals. That is a quirk of how I am wired. When I see a clear path ahead I always savour the journey, but my main focus is on the achievement of the goal. I am grateful for the work of the ExCo and their teams who have poured their insights and thinking into the development of the strategy. At the end of September, the finished version will be shared with our External Board and, once approved, the ExCo and I plan on sharing it with you via virtual Town Halls.

So, are we nearly there yet?

Well, certainly for me, I think I am in a way. Whilst there is a strategic journey that we are only just setting out on, I certainly feel I have arrived in a place I am proud to belong - the Harvey Nash Group. This year so far has challenged us in so many ways. With the global pandemic we have demonstrated resourcefulness, agility, resilience amongst many other things. At the heart of everything you do is support for each other and with the needs of clients, candidates and contractors as the central focus of all our work. Thank you.

And, as we head towards the weekend keep safe and well.

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