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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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CEO Blog – Returning to work, and barbeques

In the Northern hemisphere we are now into summer and would usually be thinking about summer holidays and times with friends and family on picnics and at barbeques. Life has changed for us all, and we have had to adapt and change to keep safe and well. Summer holidays, picnics and barbeques will be part of our lives again, for now we are learning to enjoy relaxation times with friends and family in ways we can do safely.  

The same is true for the way we are working across the world. As lockdown was rolled out in country after country, we adapted quickly to these new conditions. We have been working from our homes for a few months now.  As time has progressed countries are starting to gradually ease the lockdown conditions, we are beginning to open up offices for those for those who are able and happy to work there safely. We have adapted the offices to enable social distancing, limit access to shared resources such as kitchens and keeping our locations extra clean. Keeping each other safe and well is our number one priority.

You may have seen on our Yammer platform people reporting their return to the offices and celebrating the opportunity to be together again, safely. In the coming weeks, as governments’ confidence grows we will follow their guidance and when ready to do so will open up our locations again, adapted to keep safety as the top priority.

We have learnt a lot, all of us, from working throughout this pandemic, we will carry all of this learning with us as we progress. As businesses we have been innovative, supportive of each other and our clients, candidates and contractors. We have been productive and despite the difficulties have delivered wonderful projects and achieved successes with wins and contract extensions. It has and continues to be impressive. We have learnt what it means to be agile and to adapt to the conditions in front of us. These attributes we will carry with us and means we are an even stronger business than when this started.

Have a restful weekend and keep safe and well.

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