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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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CEO Blog Special – our People Promise

Over the past week I have been so happy to join 2nd half Kick-offs across the Group. During the last seven months the pandemic has affected so many organisations, but what really has marked us out at the Harvey Nash Group is how we’ve responded. I have seen so many ways that we have overcome obstacles by finding ways over, round and through them. Resilience, agility and positivity have been in abundance. It has inspired me.

I talked last week about ‘Our tribe’ and how I am proud to see how people care for and support each other time and again.  In each of the kick-off sessions to date I have also shared my thoughts on not only ‘the group’ but also on ‘people’. It’s this focus on people that is important to me, and the reason why we invested in a Chief People Officer at the ExCo level.  The investment in the role is only the start but I hope it demonstrates our commitment to putting the right level of focus on people.  Over the last few weeks I have been working with Melanie and the ExCo and we have been reviewing how we build our people strategy.  

Through all the conversations I have had with people across the business and when talking through our approach to our People Promise with our ExCo we came to a realisation.  What stands out is that each person has a different expectation and the ‘moments that matter’ are not the same for every person.  I am sure there has been a moment in your career that has had a positive effect on you because of the leader you worked for, the investment in your development or the way in which you have been recognised.  One of my moments that mattered was when a previous boss told me that I have a natural coaching style and offered to invest in me with formal training. It made me feel cared for, valued and it was one of those landmark moments for me.

And that is what we want to do… we want to help create the moments that matter to you.  

I am happy to share our People Promise with you today.  

Creating the moments that matter!  We want to ensure that you have a rewarding career where you feel valued for the role you play in helping to achieve our potential as a business and a team.  So what does that mean?

• We will develop you and give you the opportunity to have a rewarding career

• We will recognise and reward you for demonstrating the right behaviours and for achieving your goals

• We will give you a voice. We will listen and act.

• We will recognise, value and celebrate all our colleagues for their differences.

• We will provide opportunity and flexibility to support innovation and to help you perform at your best

Thank you again for your hard work, resilience and for supporting each other. Have a restful weekend and keep safe.

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