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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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Golden ticket

This week we had a long service lunch celebration in London, our second year of hosting this. Attending were colleagues I care about deeply who between them have 757 years of service in the Nash Squared family. Wow! That is a lot of knowledge and experience across those years!

We met in the London office for drinks and reunions of colleagues who had not seen each other in person for some time. The excitement of shared memories was palpable as we headed across to the restaurant.

It was so lovely to celebrate over a very nice lunch beautifully curated by Melanie Hayes our Chief People officer. The noise of the chatter in the restaurant and laughter of memories relived made for a lovely afternoon. Thank you to everyone who joined us for this. I am already looking forward to the one next year!

Where the magic happens

I believe that any successful organisation comes together as a mix of longer serving colleagues who carry the corporate memory of where we come from and have been on the journey, sitting alongside the more recent colleagues who are eager to understand all of that and bring their experiences together with this.

It’s where the magic happens and fresh ideas and new ways of working come from, this beautiful cultural soup.

I have often thought of the incredible golden ticket we carry as a business because of this mix of longer standing service colleagues with the more recently joined, which opens doors to us that others can’t enter.

We have the trust of a brand that has delivered to a consistently high standard over decades, we have deep expertise and the familiarity of colleagues who have built great relationships across the years.

Opening doors

The more recently joined colleagues open new doors for the business they have developed across their career. Many organisations would give a lot to have this. It’s a fantastic foundation to build growth from and is one of the many reasons our business has continued to be successful.

I have added a few photos from the lunch which I thought you might enjoy.

Pictures of people congregating in an office chatting and laughing.  And empty tables and chairs in a restaurant with a big window

I wish everyone some time to rest and recuperate this coming weekend. Keep safe and well.

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