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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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Guest blog – Nick Lonsdale, CEO NashTech – Being Different

Hi everyone – I’m pleased to be this month’s guest blogger. First of 2 disclosures: apparently I write v short emails sometimes littered w/puzzling abbreviations. Actually I think I was just ahead of everyone else - a visionary of the SMS and DM world that’s now upon us. Back to the blog. I’ll try and get you thru this in 3 screens of an i-phone.

So it’s May 2021 or, month 14 of Covid which unleashed a howling wind of change that’s excited (pharma, e-comm) and terrified nations, society and economies. But like an uninvited stranger to our party, it’s brought a gift. Without turning all Disney on you, the gift is a super-power that allows anything we do and touch, to be different. Different with a capital D. And it’s not a super-power, it’s for real.

Today, each of us can and should suggest, propose, call out, or if empowered, try, anything (lawful) that gets us and our teams to where we want to be. Call it as you need to, “…I’ve got my Covid hat on now, and I think….”. Different times need DIFFERENT thinking. All managers and leaders should be in DIFFERENT mode. If we’re not - call us out. We don’t want to be like one of the teams, companies or governments that are “flat-footed”, stuck in the past, or in denial that DIFFERENT is now.

DIFFERENT is thrilling and empowering; we can push sacred beliefs, perfect logic and unshakeable values to one side and create new thinking. It won’t all succeed, but a Fast Fail is better than failing to read the signs and adapt.

Tbc (to be clear) I’m not trivialising these times. The challenge and pressure on colleagues, friends and family is a worry that I conceal but remains front of mind. I’m not immune to mood swings and the need to unload emotional frustration that my job and outside life brings. It’s normal. Mercifully, like the uninvited party guest it doesn’t stay long and I’m happy after I’ve talked to colleagues, my boss, my family and Henry our dog.

As I sign off my DIFFERENT blog here’s my 2nd disclosure: I love music and comedy. If your new super-power to be DIFFERENT does not quite get you thru the day, reach for Spotify and play Monty Python’s “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”. It carries a great tune and has fantastic lyrics for these times. Enjoy.

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