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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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Guest Blog: Andy Heyes – Managing Director UK&I and Central Europe - stepping up to an exec position

When Bev asked me if I would take over her blog to help share some initial observations on the shift from operationally leading a region to taking on my new Exec role, I jumped at the chance.  

I am delighted to be leading a wider geographical region and I know this is an important step for collaboration, something I hope you all see soon too.  I have always regarded leadership as a privilege not a right, so I want to reassure you all that I will represent those of you in my team to the best of my ability and in my Executive Committee (ExCo) role, I can deliver a wider impact for the greater good of Nash Squared.  I essentially wear two hats now!

Managing time

My first observation is time and time management. If you think that you are busy as a consultant, managing consultant or even a director, then let me assure you that at an Executive level this is at a different standard. I can already see that my learning experience is a steep one and I am embracing it fully.  

Throughout our careers we often make steps which push ourselves out of our comfort zone and it is through these experiences we grow as individuals.  My first ExCo meeting gave me a valuable insight into the qualities that our senior leadership team have and the hunger they have to grow the business. I have also been impressed by the care, friendliness and support I have received during the first month from my new team. Every one of the ExCo has taken time out to call me and offer help.

Experience and values

Secondly, I believe that through these new appointments Rhona, Jason and I can add our experience but also our values to the team which I hope will permeate through our business. At an Exec level, we have meetings both monthly and weekly, and trust me it’s important to be prepared.

I spend most of my time thinking about the business as my remit is now so much bigger. We now have greater Exec level representation for technology recruitment, and we certainly add our knowledge talking strategically about growing market share and leveraging our client relationships.  I have already arranged a call for Rob Mallaband MD of Crimson, with one of my team to discuss a client opportunity.

The change in role has delivered some new considerations for me too. I am having to reflect on how I grow into a much broader role.  I have always considered myself to be a servant leader and have tried to be available for all colleagues in my team which becomes far more challenging now my team size and geographical reach has grown.  That being said, I do believe in an open door, and I hope all my teams will see that.

Getting to know everyone

At this time, I am getting to know my teams and working on a structure that gives people opportunity to develop and will also increase our functional and specialisms expertise across the geographies.  It is my priority to ensure I adequately reflect on our strategic plan, working with my senior team, and that we deliver something that, most importantly, enables growth in all my regions.

At whatever level you operate in our business, the focus on people never changes, so I have been busy getting to know the regions, brands and team members that I haven’t met before. I am lucky to have the support of a superb finance and people function, and I cannot understate the important role our functional teams play to help us be successful. At an Exec level, you appreciate the great expertise they have and how hard they work for the Group.

I am excited about how we can use Data and automation to improve our strategy and decision making as well as making engagement better for our people, clients and candidates, and have truly valued the appointment of a CIO to our Exec. I am so excited how we can weave Harvey Nash, Spinks, Next Gen and Flexhuis into all of our clients and regions as well as our solutions brands. All I see is potential.

Pace and focus

My final observation is the importance of a strong focus on a business plan alongside great communication. We are in a tough market at the minute but that will change… yet through this we need to honestly report on performance, be clear on our targets and, if we are not performing at the level expected, we have a plan in place to capitalise on all opportunities.  

What will ensure our recruiting teams excel and rapidly grow when the market flips is to have a clear and structured plan; to know your business, to understand your numbers and focus on actions which achieve success.  

I am grateful for the regions and brands that I have inherited and, with the help of the senior leaders, I am looking forward to building a strategy that concentrates on growing our core businesses, sector, specialisms, and market brands.  

Funnily enough, I am writing this blog as I am travelling to Scotland for their half year kick off.  Another good example of making the most of my time, and I am finishing the blog as my flight is delayed for 2 hours.


My final thought is one of gratitude to Bev for the opportunity, and that I can play an even bigger role in our success.  This month (September) will be my 25-year anniversary with the business and this is the most exciting time I have experienced.

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