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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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Guest Blog: Peter Hros, HR Director, Technology Recruitment & Group Functions for UKI & Europe

What an honour to be invited to share some “blogulence” on Bev’s blog.

If we haven’t met already let me give you a quick heads up on how it might play out. My curiosity in who you are as a person could feel as crossing boundaries of nosiness. It’s how I connect with people opening up but also snooping in through the windows of your soul.*** Before I take I always give first and I am happier for it. It will make me tremendously happy seeing you doing well, maximising on your potential and just like that I will never shy away from offering unsolicited advice. The force I will approach you with comes from the place of joy though, so don’t worry and relax.

I have this condition where I love bragging about my failures and have learned over time that it puts people at ease around me sharing their own gaffes. *** I will wait for the first opportunity to tell you about Parsley my boy, my partner in mischief and my baby but by far the most my Guru. Parsley is my 3 and half year old short haired Border Collie that often joins me on our calls as my trusted advisor, but comes to life when we are out and about herding anything that is moving.

It was getting Parsley that made me and my partner Zuzi buy a VW T5 panel van a couple of summers ago that we started converting into a Campervan. You will hear me talking about using reciprocating saw for the first time in my life making openings for the windows or how I have installed a diesel heater under the seat connecting it to the fuel tank (bless YouTube Almighty). Long story short “Parsley Bus” is source of many long weekend trips for us exploring beauty of the British Island.

I love cooking and go extra mile to cook outdoors on open fire. Dirty and Delicious is how your plate will look when you pop in for a meal at casa Peter, don’t expect a Picasso smear on the plate but trust me where appropriate I will use Souse Vide to get your dish to perfection.

Now let’s talk business.

I have already met many Leaders based around the world, giving me their precious time and introducing me to the realms of the company. Allow me to share some of my observations.

The Energy of our leaders is high and infectious, they have courage to push their agenda into unknowns and understand this is how greatness is born. This has been music to my ears as it comes with healthy disruption to how we do things around and fundamentally what the culture of healthy people centric business does.

They are hungry and excited to do more to bring the best out of our people and are very aware that it is our people that turn ideas into gold. They mention Talent, Diversity and Humanity in the same sentence.

They understand the role of HR in the life of organisation and are very much appreciative of what has been achieved by the Global HR team so far.

I mean, I could not imagine a better start to my journey here than finding out that people I need to partner with Get it. Every HR leader knows that’s where the half of their job is done. Thanks to amazing work of the HR team under Mel’s leadership so far, there is loads to celebrate, and the bar for 2023 is high. And that’s the way I like it.

I have also met our HR team and let me tell you, our local HR leaders work really hard to ensure that your employee experience is second to none. The strong sense for social justice and fairness is very much in their veins, as is their drive to deliver our People Promise with high performance in mind.

My aim will be to ensure a symphony of all people agendas across the board with the help of all HR leads in different countries. As in any Orchestra your masterpiece is only as good as each individual musician and their instrument within. Making sure we have right tools and skills will be the most likely my first milestone to achieve in 2023 as this is how we will free up our HR teams to partner with all of you on more human level.

The Challenges our leaders (and we all) face in 2023 are no different to other organisations in the world of work these days, but that’s in no way reason to hide behind global statistics. HR team is here to push us into places where other’s only scratch their heads yet do it humbly and with dignity. I hope to play a significant part in that.

Thank you for having me and Happy 2023, a year of hope but so much more. Please do reach out if you have any questions or feedback. I look forward to meeting you!"


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