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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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Guest Blog: Springing into a new season… Melanie Hayes, Chief People Officer

Springing into a new season…

In many parts of the world people will be celebrating Easter this coming weekend but I also find it interesting that it coincides with us hopping into the new season.  In the Northern hemisphere spring has arrived bringing with it a sense of renewal and joy… particularly as the days get lighter for longer.  

Spring in any part of the world is a sign of growth, when flowers and plants begin to grow, the ecosystem is revitalised.  I personally feel an inner sense of joy when the season arrives.

I like the effect the lighter days have on my sense of wellbeing.  I was only discussing with a colleague last week how lovely it was to leave the office and it still be light. It is interesting to consider the impact of daylight on both your physical and mental wellbeing.  

Daylight helps to regulate your internal body clock known as circadian rhythm helping you maintain a healthy sleep cycle, it is linked to improved mood, helps your body produce vitamin D and when you tie all this together it helps with improve productivity.  

If you don’t think you are getting enough daylight, then why not switch a meeting to a walk and talk? Or get outside at lunch time rather than staying indoors?  I am sure you would see a positive impact.

Now let’s get back to Easter… in many parts of the world it is celebrated for its religious meaning, but it has also become widely observed as a cultural holiday.

Easter also has ancient roots such as the festival of Eostre which is associated with fertility and dawn.  It is a time where we see many people come together to participate in the traditions.  So, whether you observe it for religious reasons or use it as an opportunity to learn, it is still a wonderful time to appreciate our cultural and religious diversity.

I hope you enjoy the time of renewal that Spring brings with it and for our colleagues in the Southern hemisphere I hope you are making the most of the nights before Autumn really settles in.  Either way, let’s celebrate the wonders of daylight and our fantastic diversity.  

I wish you all a restful and relaxing weekend.


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