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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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Guest Blog: The importance of recognition by Rachel Watts, Global Marketing Director, Harvey Nash

The importance of recognition

Human nature is such that we all want to be recognised for a job well done. A sincerely meant ‘Thank you’ or ‘great work’ are some of the most powerful words we can use. Their impact is wide ranging; boosting confidence, improving engagement, driving greater loyalty and helping to build powerful relationships. These few simple words really do have the power to change people’s days (and lives).

We’re extremely fortunate within Nash Squared to have a culture where providing positive feedback is embedded in our daily activities. Individual and team meetings and, of course, our own Hive Five feedback tool are there for us to use to recognise the impact colleagues make to us on a daily basis.

Recognising contractors

But we don’t have to limit this to our own employees. We should and we can extend this to our customers and contractors.

In fact, this is exactly what we did when our Harvey Nash brand launched its first Global Contractor of the Year award, encouraging clients to nominate and recognise our contractor community for the important support they provide to the success of their business. The response from clients was amazing, with many grateful for the opportunity to show how much they valued our contractors.

As for the finalists, I was really honoured to speak with each of them on what it meant to be nominated. It really drove home that we are not just a means for them to pay the bills. Our role is more significant than that, from supporting them with work after they had to flee their home due to war, to helping them land their dream role (which happened to be a critical one during the pandemic), their stories were really inspiring. Probably most surprising to hear was the value each of our finalists saw in the relationship they had built with their Consultants and as such Harvey Nash.

Looking forward to 2024

Jump forward 12 months and we are delighted to be running this award for the second year. And as with every award, the plans for this year extend the power of thank you by encouraging more clients across more geographies to put our contractors forward.

This is a fantastic opportunity for us to once again be the standard bearers in recognising all of our communities who play a key role in making us a successful business. Also, initiatives such as this give us a fantastic opportunity to engage with our customers around something truly positive and give them the opportunity to make a real difference to someone’s life.

So, before we jump into the weekend, why not take a moment to drop your client that email or help make the difference by spreading the word on social media.

Find out more about the Harvey Nash Contractor of the Year Award here

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