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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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Guest CEO Blog: A Day of a Software Developer


My name is Vy Nguyen Pham Thanh, and I work at NashTech Vietnam as a Java software developer. I began my career at NashTech through the Rookies. This program was developed for new graduates like me to nurture and hone our technical skills. During two years with NashTech, my daily working day has been filled with challenges, happiness, and opportunities to learn new things and collaborate. And here is one of my typical working days.

My day

8:30 AM - I begin my short walk to my company through the vibrant city streets, accompanied by my favorite podcast playing through my earphones. With the energizing cup of salted coffee from a nearby coffee shop and the podcast keeping me engaged, I arrive at NashTech by 8:45 AM and am ready to kickstart my working day.

9:00 AM - I start my working day by joining our team's daily stand-up meeting. This meeting helps us sync up on the project's progress, discuss challenges, and plan our day. Our team has a fantastic blend of experienced developers and young talents, which makes me feel confident in expressing my ideas because we are always open to discussion.

9:30 AM - I dive into coding mode after wrapping up the meeting. I am working on a new feature for our upcoming release with Thinh, a senior developer with years of experience. We frequently exchange ideas and insights. Since the beginning of this project, she has helped me a lot whenever I faced a technical issue and advised me to develop my career path.

11:00 AM - I attend a knowledge-sharing session on the Akka framework. These sessions are a regular occurrence at NashTech, where developers get the chance to present interesting topics, share insights, and explore new technologies.

12:00 PM - Lunchtime! My teammates and I head to a small restaurant serving Vietnamese broken rice, a must-have dish whenever you visit Ho Chi Minh City. We exchange laughs and our life stories during the meal, making the lunch break fun and a refreshing pause amid the hectic weekday.

12:30 PM - Today, the foosball table is surrounded by enthusiastic players as the “NashTech Foosball Championship” approaches, giving an exciting variation to the typical lunch break routine. I cannot miss this opportunity to watch the games and cheer on my favorite team because I am always into watching sports.

1:00 PM - Just as I settle back into coding, I receive a notification from the QC team. It's a bug report related to one of the features I implemented last week. It's pretty complex, but resolving challenging bugs like this always gives me a sense of accomplishment.

3:00 PM - After successfully resolving the bug, I dive back into my coding tasks. With the issue behind me, I can now entirely focus on my current feature. Immersed in the code, I find myself in the flow state, where time seems to fly by. These moments of deep concentration and productivity are what I genuinely enjoy.

5:00 PM - We take a short break celebrating my colleague, Ms. Dung's birthday. The office is filled with laughter and joy as we gather around her desk with a surprise cake. It's one of our team traditions to create memorable moments together.

5:30 PM - Our team gathers for a retrospective meeting. It's an excellent chance to reflect on the previous sprint's work and discuss what went well and what may be improved. Because our project is in an essential phase, the last sprint was critical and challenging, so there are many topics we can reflect on and discuss.

6:00 PM - My workday comes to a close. I walk my colleagues to the car park, exchanging small talk, then say goodbye to them and begin my walk home. Walking down the busy street, I felt accomplished for finishing all my tasks and looked forward to a relaxing evening at home with my hobbies - books, and movies.

So that's a snapshot of my day as a Java software developer at NashTech. Every workday is an adventure filled with learning opportunities, problem-solving, and collaboration. The diverse and talented individuals I work with, the supportive environment, and the satisfaction of seeing our software makes a real difference in our clients' businesses, make working for NashTech so special. I'm grateful to be part of this incredible team, and I can't wait to see what exciting challenges and accomplishments await us.

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