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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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Guest Blog: Bhavya Aggarwal CTO for NashTech India

I am Bhavya Aggarwal CTO for NashTech India. I joined Knoldus almost 8 years back and my primary reason for joining Knoldus was its culture, its fast-paced development and passion for exploring the new technologies and the courage to make difficult choices.

Being a technology enthusiast for almost 20+ years, technology is my first love and have consistently tried to add to my breadth of knowledge.

All change

When NashTech decided to acquire Knoldus, to be truthful I was apprehensive, primary reason being whether the company has the same technology focus and how do we keep ahead of the curve.

During the first few months, we were focussed on understanding the working patterns and culture, and trying to gauge each other's strengths and weaknesses. There were a lot of discussions to find the right way of working and emotions were running high as every side believed their way of working had more weightage and is right.

Slowly, as we eased into the processes, one realization hit me that NashTech does have a similar ethos and passion for technology. The people, culture and respect for everyone was there to see and feel.


As we started collaborating more between different functions, one thing that came out clearly was that everyone is looking to do better and in collaboration, it was more of “let's improve and follow what makes sense” rather than “this is how you should do it”.

I had my own misgivings about the processes and the thought was that they are too cumbersome and need to be leaner. But when I looked at them closely, they were built for scale and if we must grow, we must have a system that can ensure consistency and effectiveness to get similar results.

I have had the pleasure to meet the technical team on the Vietnam side and the feeling that I got was that I have known them for years; the passion, dedication and focus was exactly same as we had. Every interaction has been adding to my learning and is creating an experience.

The technology infusion across delivery centres has already begun and in the future will strengthen as we will depend on each other's strengths to excel in our collaborative endeavours and achieve common goals.


Having harnessed all synergies, I am genuinely enthusiastic about the future, as I firmly believe that NashTech's unwavering commitment to People, Quality, and, most importantly, delivering value to our customers, will propel us to unprecedented success.

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