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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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Harvey Nash Group 2.0 / Nothing beats meeting in person

What do you think of when you hear the words Harvey Nash Group?

Maybe you think of it as the financial centre of the company? Or maybe you think of it as the head office in London? Maybe you think Harvey Nash Group is the same or similar to the Harvey Nash Technology recruitment brand?

Whatever you think, I have an important message - we are all part of Harvey Nash Group.

Whatever brand you are in, wherever you are located, Harvey Nash Group is your home.

When I joined Harvey Nash Group 20 months ago, I was excited to be joining a company I had admired for so long. And I was not disappointed, I’ve been amazed at what all the brands in the Group have achieved.

But one theme emerged when I spoke to so many of you; a belief that we could achieve so much more. How much more could we achieve if we worked more closely together, across brands and geographies? How much more could we help our clients if we were to introduce more services to them? How much more could our careers grow if we were able to access all the opportunities our wonderful Group has to offer?

So, on Tuesday 2 November, we are delighted to launch Harvey Nash Group 2.0. Our first step in bringing our company even closer together.

Don’t see our company as a hierarchy where ‘Group’ sits above it all.

But instead see it as this: an amazing network of brands, services and people that can help our clients do incredible things. And you are at the centre of it. You are Harvey Nash Group.

As we continue along our 3 year strategy, on Tuesday we will be sharing what it means to be part of one amazing company and how it can help you and your clients.

If you haven’t already, you can sign up to the 30 minute webinar using the following links:

Tuesday Nov 2, 8am GMT

Tuesday Nov 2, 4pm GMT

I look forward to seeing you. 

This week has brought our incredible Harvey Nash Group and its brands alive even more for me. How could that be? As wonderful as MS Teams is in connecting us, there really is no substitute for that meeting in person. I, and other colleagues in our London office, had the pleasure of spending time with Jason Pyle, the President of our US Harvey Nash Tech Recruitment business.

Jason came across to London for the week, and that in person experience saw so many decisions and plans rapidly progress. I heard and joined in so many formal and informal discussions, dropping by to grab a coffee, share a story, ask an ad hoc question. Our London office was alive with people and it was so lovely to have this again along with the flexibility of home working, we really can have it all. 

On Tuesday, I met Rhona Carmichael in person for the first time. Rhona is our MD for Harvey Nash UK North, Ireland and Scotland.

Whereas in Teams you might have one conversation, being in the office together meant that this was supplemented by those moments where you get to join in other conversations which just happen because they can in an office, not having to think about scheduling time on Teams or looking at that red, amber, green button to see if somebody might be free. Ideas can get progressed so much faster in person. 

 On Tuesday, I also met Jack Parsons who is the founder of the Youth Group, which is dedicated to helping young people thrive. He had asked me to come across and be interviewed on camera for his blog. It was an absolute pleasure.

What a lovely guy and team, they were a delight to meet. Full of energy and commitment to helping young people.

On Wednesday, I took Andy Heyes, our MD for Harvey Nash UK South, along with me to participate in a small round table meeting with the UK MP for Employment, Mims Davies. Around the table were the public affairs experts from Google, Uber and Samsung.

What a wonderfully human MP Mims is, she was highly knowledgeable, humorous, passionate about her work and really engaging. We took the opportunity to talk about how we work in the Tech sector and I am certain we will be sharing more on how we progress with government in the months ahead.

I gate crashed a few precious minutes of Melanie Hayes, our Chief People officer, and her team’s leadership and management essentials training day where I took the opportunity to meet in person so many colleagues from around the UK Scotland and Ireland regions.

I had spoken to many on Teams and exchanged messages, but nothing can match seeing your colleagues in person.

This has been a week of many ‘live in person’ connections It’s been so uplifting and recharging.

As we head towards the weekend, take time to rest and recuperate. Keep safe and well.

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