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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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Inspired / HNG2.0 / Scotland

I love the variety of being in such a diverse and connected company as Harvey Nash Group, and this week there have been some really stand out moments for me.

The first was the launch of Harvey Nash Group 2.0 on Tuesday. This has been many months in the planning and has involved a wide range of people across all of our businesses and geographies. It really has been a team effort.

We all belong to Harvey Nash Group, and by having a simple, clear and inspiring view of who we are benefits everyone and every brand in the Group. I can’t think of any other business that offers its clients the breadth and depth of what we do, or the potential for our own colleagues to be involved in so many things. I look at our new HNG website and how we position ourselves and feel proud.

Next week, on 9th November, we launch the Harvey Nash Group Digital Leaders Report. The event, which will be filmed live in London and streamed globally has attracted the largest ever audience we’ve had -  over 800 CIOs, CTOs and digital leaders registered. We have an incredible panel curated and chaired by our own Technology Evangelist David Savage.

I hope you have found time to register yourself and you are encouraging your clients to join us. This year the report is bringing some incredible insights and there’s lots for attendees to gain from joining the event. Throughout this week I have been speaking with journalists in advance of the launch, answering their questions about the key trends and data that are showcased this year.

I have ended the week in Scotland. I am writing this week’s blog sat in the plane at Edinburgh airport. Yesterday morning I got to spend time with an incredible high energy and awesome team in Glasgow. Kirsteen a massive thank you for the way you and your team show up. I loved the way everyone shared who they are and what they do. I felt so assured of what you and your team can yet achieve together. Another memory I carry with me is your compassion, the time you spend helping those who have so little in your local community. This is something I hear in so many teams around the world.  I left Glasgow on the train to Edinburgh refuelled and energised by you all, the 4am start was a distant memory.

Crossing gorgeous countryside on the train I looked forward to meeting our Edinburgh team. What a great team, each of you bringing skills, humour, determination to succeed. I love how you have helped bring young people into our industry and enabled them to have great early careers and how you too have helped those less fortunate than ourselves. You are having an amazing year and I am confident that you continue to build on these successes.

Whenever I get to spend time in this way, and now we are able I will be doing more of this, I know that our future is in safe hands. We undeniably have the best people in our industries and I also believe that we work in the best of the best businesses - Harvey Nash Group.

So, as another productive, challenging and enjoyable week comes towards the weekend I hope you are able to take time to rest and recuperate. Keep safe and well.

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