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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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It has been tough out there

It has been tough out there, both  in our markets in which we work and our lives over the past year. Plenty of things have challenged us. The Covid-19 pandemic is still plaguing many of us in the countries we live in around the world and there is a way to go before we are all safe again from this virus.

We have just completed the first quarter of our business plan this year. Last year, like most companies with service capabilities like our own in the Harvey Nash Group, we were impacted in some but not all countries and some but not all businesses. Typically, our recruitment businesses were impacted the most and our solutions businesses less so. However, as the first quarter business results will show, we are tracking well against the same period last year, this year’s budgets and against the year prior to Covid-19. We are growing again and that is encouraging news.

There are of course challenges. We are hiring and in some countries this is harder as every one of our competitors are also hiring, so we are competing for great talent. There have been some fantastic new people joining our teams already or are about to. Our new colleagues. combined with the colleagues who have been part of our Harvey Nash family for some time, are the perfect combination for our continued success. We still have open roles, so if you know people in the industry who would make great Nashers please do introduce them. Getting up to full strength as soon as we can is a key focus for everyone. The pipeline of opportunities continues to grow and we need all of our roles filled by great people to share the load and continue to do our best work.

The remaining three quarters of the year are steeper hills to climb, with our new hires in place and all the exceptional work people are doing to bring in opportunities, we should be confident that we will be in a good place to have a terrific year.

Getting some rest and relaxation could never be more important. Being refreshed as we face off into each new working day gets harder without taking time out and spending time on things that make us happy. I know that if I don’t get some fresh air and exercise, and of course a good strong coffee, I don’t feel at my best.

I look forward to sharing more with all colleagues on the 21st June along with the Executive council. This coming Monday we are sharing an update with the strategic management team members around the world.

As always, as we head towards the weekend do keep safe and well.

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