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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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Lifelong learning

Learning for me is a lifetime commitment. I have always believed that unless I keep learning I will start going backwards. I don’t just mean in my career, but in my wider life.

From the earliest age reading has been an obsession. Exploring how and why things worked led me to a love of science. Interest in how the world is perceived and the language used to describe it opened up the world of poetry for me. I am always reading at least two novels, a couple of business books and dipping into some poetry in any one day. I rarely read a business book slavishly cover to cover, often browsing and then reading a particular topic of interest. For me this keeps my mind open to new ideas and ways of looking at the world of business.

Why am I thinking about this right now? Well this week I announced that I am bringing in a Global Chief People officer who, amongst a range of priorities, will be working with the Business Leaders and HR professionals around the world to develop programmes that grow our capabilities and keep our skills relevant to our clients.

In the past week, I have also been speaking with Therese Procter and David Deacon about the next evolution of our senior leaders workshops. I know that these have been well received and that I have been asked if they will continue, I am happy to say that yes they will.

I have always believed that development is a two way street. That as the learner I own putting in the effort to grow and develop in my career and to do the work to achieve the outcomes. I also believe that faced with that commitment from the learner, the company should match that commitment with appropriate ways of acquiring those skills and knowledge.

I am excited about how we will continue to build ways to develop our people, to bring opportunities to learn new things and to make our work even more interesting and enjoyable.

As the pandemic continues to challenge many businesses around the world we will need at times to take tough decisions whilst still investing for the future.

Have an enjoyable weekend and keep safe and well.

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