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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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New Beginnings

New beginnings are wonderful aren’t they? It’s like that feeling you get when you turn the page on a fresh new day or, even bigger, on a fresh new year. It’s that feeling you get when you get a new chance to do things even better, try new things, get an even better outcome.

Remember that first day of a holiday or a Christmas morning. Everything is possible and it’s very exciting.

What is making me think in this way? Its half year kick off time and many of our businesses and geographies are gathering in person or on MS Teams to regroup, celebrate the many successes in the first half, have some fun and set commitments for the rest of the year.

I have been blown away by the energy, sheer talent we have in our businesses and the ambition that the teams have towards the full year.

I know with absolute certainty that we have the very best people our industry has. That’s in Talent acquisition, Leadership and Technology solutions.

I have been participating in 2nd half kick offs in the past few weeks. They have been inspiring, insightful, full of ambition, backward looking to celebrate the teams achievements and individual successes and forward looking to set ourselves stretching yet achievable goals.

We are stepping into new geographies, some of our businesses like our Spinks brand establishing a mainland Europe presence, building out a UK wide public sector ambition in HNTR UK & Ireland, building and consolidating on a brand new team like Manchester, challenging ourselves on Contractor and Perm growth.

Many new colleagues joined in the past 6 months or less so these kick off’s have been for many the first time they have come together in person with their teams and businesses.

In our solutions businesses we are hyper focused on delivering our many projects won in H1 and in our continued drive in the acquisition of new business and extending growth in current clients.

At the same time we are very aware that our colleagues in Vietnam and Australia are in a very strict lock down which is very challenging for you and your families. We look forward to celebrating the day with you that these restrictions are lifted.

Last week I came together with the ExCo in person in Belgium for only the second time in person.

Some of the team had never met in person as they were freshly new to the HNG. Whilst we have worked very closely together these last 18  months there is nothing quite like sitting with each other in the same room, sharing ideas and thoughts and getting to know each other on a deeper level.

These moments that we get to spend together ideally when we can in person, are so valuable. They refresh us and remind us of the importance of human connections and the culture of the business and the teams really come alive.

Trust gets even stronger and we have the joy of shared experience to sustain us in the months ahead.

There are a number of kick-offs happening in the coming weeks, I look forward to joining in.

I wish everyone continued success and a lot of enjoyable times in the months ahead.

As we head towards the weekend keep safe and well, and take time to rest and recuperate.

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