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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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On the road

I flew back in from Hyderabad in India on Tuesday afternoon and headed home to the Isle of Wight for the briefest pit stops, getting home at tea time.  I spent a few hours being forgiven by Enzo my two year old golden retriever for disappearing from his life for five days.

In the life of a dog that is a long time and there is nothing quite like the welcome home you get. He was dancing with happiness and I have to confess, so was I.  

Time with Crimson

By 6:30am the next morning I was on the road again this time heading for Birmingham for the Crimson kick-off. One hour on a ferry and 138 miles later, life on the road is about as far from glamorous as you can get! I arrived to a welcome from Rob Mallaband and his teams.  

What smart and kind and funny and dedicated the Crimson team are. It feels like one big family, all edging each other on to do well, to be their best and applauding when they do just that. I found myself smiling throughout the day, happy to be amongst and part of this lovely business.  

The kick off was a celebration of a year well spent. Not content to be good they want to be better still and that is frankly right up my street. Every team presented their work, telling their stories and sharing the successes and the learning.  

I had a brilliant afternoon learning more about our business, their ambition and what makes them tick. For those who could not be there in person they joined in remotely and not just listening in but presenting, asking questions and answering questions too. This was hybrid working in action.  

Thank you Crimson for a great welcome and for setting out your plans for the year ahead with such energy and passion.  

Thinking back on India

I am writing this blog thinking back to my time in India too. I shared with everyone last week our time with the Knoldus team in New Delhi, and that I was heading to Hyderabad with Nick Lonsdale to spend time with our 250 colleagues there who support our Harvey Nash brand. Just like our time in New Delhi I was so pleased with what our colleagues do there and how they do their work.  

Our teams are dedicated to excelling in finding contractors who are not just a good fit for our client needs but are actually the very best on the market and a perfect fit for client needs. Thank you for the great and smart questions you asked us, for really caring about the work you do and for being really involved in your Nash Squared family.  

A homely welcome

Nick and I were honoured to also to spend time at the home of Pvm Srinivas, MD of Harvey Nash’s recruitment delivery operations in India. It was heart-warming to meet this talented family and to be so warmly welcomed.  

Back in London to end the week it has been a few weeks of epic travels, sharing and learning. We have many kick-off meetings in the weeks ahead and I can’t wait to spend time with the teams looking back to celebrate how far we have come and looking forward to the exciting journey ahead.  

See you out there.

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