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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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Our place in the market

There has been a lot of discussion both inside our business and across all the media channels for many months on the topic of the conditions in the ‘markets’ around the world. When we talk about it inside our business we refer to how easy or difficult it is for us to make sales happen and achieve our goals. We talk about the condition of the external markets as having a positive or negative impact on our ability to make this happen.

It is often about financial conditions and in the recent past was about the pandemic. These market conditions are outside of our control, all we can control is our response to these conditions for example if contracting in financial services is booming how can we grow more in that area?

It got me thinking about the very idea of our markets. I thought about the local farmers market as a very simple example of how a marketplace works. If I go on a Saturday morning to my local market, I usually need a list of things, you probably do too.

I tend to search for the stalls where they sell a variety of things to help me get what I need from one place. Some stalls specialise in only a few things such as bread. I might queue up and get something from them, but as long as the quality is good and the price seems reasonable then I will probably buy from the one stall that gives me the most of what I need.

This is how our business has been developing itself across Nash Squared over the last few years.

Focusing our market offers on being able to meet the needs of our buyers (clients) easily and from one place. By really thinking about what our clients need now and in the future we keep ourselves easy to buy from, we keep our quality high and we think ahead to what they will need in the future and make sure we can deliver this too.

So, when you go to the local market and you see the stall that sells only carrots, as that is what they chose to specialise in selling, ask yourself are they as busy as the stall that sells more of what the customer needs? It’s probable that they are not, although there will always be the stall that no matter how long the queue people will want to buy from them because they really are the best. Our task is to offer more of what clients want yet be the best in all we choose to do.

As you head into the weekend I wish everyone a restful time. Keep safe and well.

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