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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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Pace and Focus in a day

It has been another action packed, thought provoking week. Many of you will have heard me speak recently about the value of pace and focus. So, in a time of busyness this becomes an even more important way of working. For all of us there are so many competing priorities, that’s why I always start my day identifying the top 1-3 items on my list that will really make a difference to my goals.

A day in Edinburgh  

A big highlight for me this week was participating in the Kick Off meetings in Edinburgh on Wednesday. This was the first time that everyone in the UK North, Scotland and Ireland teams came together in person. The venue, our Edinburgh office in the heart of the city. I would not have missed this first in-person meet up for the world. Thank you for welcoming me and for the many wonderful conversations throughout the day.  

The noise and energy in the office was phenomenal, I thought the roof might actually lift off!  

Rhona and her leadership team had worked hard on setting this up to be a landmark event. What was also fantastic was that NashTech colleagues also fully participated and Andy Heyes along with our new colleagues Robin MacDonald and Regan Stevely had also come along too, sleeves rolled up and fully involved in the day.  

Awards and workshops

It was fantastic to hear from the teams about their successes and their goals for this year. What made the meet up even more valuable was the short intensive workshops on a wide range of topics designed to build collaboration and power growth. Each of these work groups came back with tangible owned actions that would make a difference. Everyone adopted the Pace and Focus mantra.  

The awards were delivered with great support from colleagues and humour and humility reflecting our values. Receiving an award was lovely for the individuals and really good to hear were the stories of why they were recognised. It is so important to recognise our successes and celebrate them throughout the year.  

Two great things

Before heading back to the airport I was shown the beautiful views from the rooftop of our office. As I stood there looking out across the landscape and thinking about the history I was looking at, two lovely things occurred. We heard the news of a very significant win by several of the team who came up to the rooftop to tell Rhona the news. I won’t share it here as I know Rhona and the team will want to share that themselves, however really well done to you all! Just as we got that news a beautiful rainbow appeared by Arthur’s seat and I managed to capture this photo, as you can see in this posting. A fantastic end to an incredible day.  

I wish everyone some time to rest and recuperate throughout the weekend. Keep safe and well.

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