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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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Resist the single marshmallow

In 1972, the Stanford marshmallow experiment was a study setup to explore delayed gratification. Participants were told they could have one treat immediately or, if they waited a period of time, they would get 2 treats. The marshmallow was placed in front of them and the researchers left the room. Some participants ate the treat soon after they were left alone whilst others waited for the researchers to return and were rewarded with two marshmallows.

By now you are, no doubt, wondering where this is going?

I was reminded of this recently when I was reflecting on the opportunities we have to open up our clients awareness of the wider portfolio of the our Harvey Nash Group of services. When our clients have placed their trust in us, and we can guarantee the quality of the delivery, it puts us in a fantastically strong position to have wider business discussions. However, it is not always so straightforward to take a leap of faith and introduce new services that they have not tried before. I have experienced this many times and know in all honesty that there have been moments in my career where I have been nervous about doing this. Taking that first leap did require a little bravery. Sometimes it wasn’t as smooth as I hoped, most times the outcomes were great. All of the time, the clients knew that if there were hiccups they would be dealt with quickly; after all we had built a relationship based on trust.

This year, we are delivering on the first year of our three year strategy. An essential ingredient of being successful is our ability to collaborate and introduce our amazing clients to more ways we can help their businesses to thrive. There are so many great examples of where this is happening. We are all committing time and energy to understanding more about the other services, their value to clients and the case histories that give us confidence to open the door to more.

Now I have to confess that I do love marshmallows...I can say that there have been times when I have taken the equivalent of the single marshmallow. I’ve taken the client’s brief, but not explored enough of the wider opportunity, convincing myself that now was not the right time. Sometimes that was the right approach, but I know more often than not that I left that second marshmallow on the table and wished I had gone back for it.

I am fully committed to opening as many doors as possible to our wonderful businesses and services. Call on me anytime if I can support you with our wonderful clients. Let’s make this our best year yet. Together we shine.

As we head towards another weekend, take care of each other and yourselves. Keep safe and well.

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