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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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Sliding Doors

In 1998 a film called Sliding Doors was released. Now, many of you reading this may not have been born then, but trust me it’s a fun film to watch and for me a little thought provoking too. It tells the tale of a woman, played by the actor Gwyneth Paltrow, that by taking a decision at a different moment in time, her life unfolds in a different way, sometimes good and sometimes not. The film tracks two separate paths because of different time choices.  

Why do I mention this now? Well I have often thought that having a clear plan, keeping very focused on it and delivering at pace, can get you where you want to with fantastic results. The alternative is also true. Unclear goals, indecision when faced with a crossroad of choices and slower time to act can have the opposite affect too. Somebody recently described this to me as allowing decisions to drift.

Pace and Focus

This topic of Pace and Focus has been a recurring theme from me whenever I have spoken with colleagues throughout the year and nothing is different now as we work our way through the final quarter of the year and prepare ourselves for planning next year.  

The launch of the Digital Leadership Report (DLR) this week in the Houses of Parliament and online yesterday was a moment in time we should be so very proud of. This year marks our 25th edition of the world’s largest report of its kind. What we are able to draw from the report findings is the shape of technology futures for the coming medium term ahead of us.  

We know that technology no longer plays a supporting part but is the star of the show, in business and in society as a whole. Nash Squared and its respected and valued brands around the world play a key part every day in helping ideas become a reality and powering businesses to achieve incredible success.  

Staying relevant

To make sure we are keeping ourselves relevant and growing for our clients and ourselves we have to regularly review where we are heading, to get to those crossroads decisions about where we will invest for the future. We draw on a wealth of knowledge and information to inform our decisions including the DLR, Gartner, what our clients are telling us and listening closely to our sales and delivery experts around the world. So, right now we are thinking hard about next year’s plan and the two years after that. All part of the budgeting process.  

This takes me back to the film Sliding Doors. We can so easily continue on the path we are on for longer than we should, arguing with ourselves that we are doing ok. Keeping on that path, not changing will lead us to be a business that is very different in three years’ time to one that challenges itself to develop new expertise and develop new markets.  

We are at an exhilarating time in our development as a business with many fantastic things happening every day. I love that we take the road that leads to more exciting futures for us all; it’s not an easy road to take, yet one that leads to so many opportunities.  

I look forward to speaking with everyone, alongside the ExCo, when we host the Town Halls later this month.  


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