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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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Stories from people who also joined on February 3rd

Bev White, CEO, wasn’t the only person who started at Harvey Nash Group on February 3rd. Here are the stories of some of her colleagues joining on the same day...

Erik Stenberg,Helsinki

First impressions: Very welcoming atmosphere and everyone being genuinely interested in meeting me and hearing my backstory. Especially happy to see how everyone have been so open and actively come and say hi. That matters a lot to me.

What attracted you to work here? I have a background in teach-heavy consulting, working with digital transformation projects, advanced analytics etc. With my past role being focused on strategy and driving business results leveraging all that tech and data, it became very evident how crucially important leadership is in driving successful digitalisation. This is at least one of the reasons I’m very excited to join the group.

David Kelly, Dublin

First impressions: All positive, everyone has been very welcoming and my expectations from going through the interview have been meet. As an experienced recruiter it has been great to be able to get involved with candidates and client right from the start.

What attracted you to work here? Having previously lived and worked in the UK I was aware of the Harvey Nash brand. With Harvey Nash Ireland I am able to join an established brand in the market while at the same time am able to bring my own years of experience to the role.  

Liv Nicholson,London

First impressions:First impressions leave a lasting impression, and from day one the atmosphere at Harvey Nash has been extremely warming and welcoming and I’ve felt like a valued member of the team.

What attracted you to work here? I was working as a temp over Christmas and when the opportunity to become permanent arose there was no hesitation! I really enjoy coming to work everyday and being amongst such positive and friendly people.

Anna Jacobson,Stockholm

First impressions: People here are very friendly, professional and hard working. The introduction has been thorough and very helpful.

What attracted you to work here? The opportunity to work with inspiring and experienced people in an innovative environment.  

Oliver T. Jahn, Munich

First impressions: From the first contact with a quick response over a profound interview, offer an on-boarding process, I always felt the people are at the core of Harvey Nash business – there is a friendly, proactive, cooperative and enthusiastic spirit,which highly attracts and motivates to give my best.

What attracted you to work here? Working in the field of technology recruiting & headhunting for around 20 years, Harvey Nash has always been a clear reference for me. An international approach and organization with a coherent solutions portfolio offer great opportunities to serve the customers the best way.

Pernilla Svensson,Stockholm

First impressions: I received a warm welcome from day one! I find Alumni to be a company always working to improve the business with a focus on customer needs.

What attracted you to work here? During my first introduction week here at the Stockholm Office I’ve met new colleagues with deep knowledge of the business and all very skilled in their specialist areas. This is also something that I experienced during there recruitment process and that attracted me to take the opportunity to join Alumni. I’m happy to be part of this team.

Will Steen,London

First impressions: Friendly and professional people. Energy and buzz.

What attracted you to work here? The opportunity to implement Key Account Management and build deeper and more profitable relationships with NashTech customers.

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