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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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Thank you

Dear colleagues

Imagine that you’re opening a thank you card written just to you from me. So, here it is.

We’ve just finished the first half of our year and there’s been some fantastic things happening. Some wonderful business has been won and delivered, delighting clients, candidates and contractors. Some amazing new projects have been implemented which will make a massive difference to our work. This year we implemented Bullhorn in the UK, Ireland and in Spinks and we are in the process of rolling this out to other countries. This is the largest investment we’ve ever made in technology within the Harvey Nash Group. The projects involved a lot of people who have given so much of their time so that we can have systems that really support our work, enable us to be even more productive and for our work to be more enjoyable. A massive thank you to everyone involved in making this happen. If this included you, thank you.

In every country and in every service line we have made so much progress and often under such challenging conditions. We opened new offices such as a third centre in Vietnam. Virtual experiences have been created for people who in the ‘old world’ would have come to visit us and no longer could, at least for now. We’ve been working from our homes when our governments ordered us to stay home. Everything is strangely becoming more familiar as time goes on and we learn to thrive or at least get by in this new world.

We’ve delivered Power Hours in our Summer Series of learning & development sessions,  we’ve interviewed people on webinars, written blogs, learnt new things. We have invested in our wellbeing and are about to launch our wellbeing hub not just available for all of us but for everyone, friends and family, contractors, clients, candidates.

We are focused on being a more diverse and inclusive business. We are making progress, one step at a time. You are playing your part, thank you. We won’t rest until our Harvey Nash Group home feels home to all of us.

I want to also say a massive thank you for all that you have done in this first half of the year. If you think back to all you have achieved, the ways in which you pushed and encouraged yourself to learn new things and delivered so much. It hasn’t all been easy, there have been tough times when I am sure you supported others to keep going, reassuring that all would be well.

You have so much to be proud of when you think back to all that you have done. You have truly made a difference.

We are on our way, heading through the second half of the year. Hiring new colleagues to join us, we are growing and that brings so many opportunities for all.  Let’s make sure we take time to enjoy the journey.

Have an enjoyable weekend and keep safe and well.

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