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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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Today marks my four year anniversary at Nash Squared as Group CEO

Today marks my four year anniversary at Nash Squared as Group CEO. It really does seem that this time has passed in a whir. Times passes quickly when you are having fun is an old saying. Now, lets be honest, not every day is fun because sometimes life in general or in the workplace can be difficult and stretches the patience and resilience of every one of us. But for me the test of ‘am I in the right place?’ is the measure of are many more days enjoyable than not?  

I remember well standing outside the revolving doors of Heron tower looking up at this impressive building and feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness. As soon as I stepped off the elevator it felt like home. That sense of belonging and pride in our brands and the quality of our work was never in doubt. My first message to colleagues was a video on my first day. Ever since then I have had a weekly blog, sometimes taken over by a colleague to celebrate all kind of key moments and to raise our attention on important matters.  

Six weeks in and we were at the beginning of covid and our world shrunk to the four walls of our home around us and from a work perspective our window on the world was MS Teams on our laptops? All the plans I had to go out and meet people became instantly impossible.  

I remember having daily calls with the ExCo and sharing what we were doing to support our teams, our customers and our contractors. Colleagues found great ways to keep spirits up and a sense of enjoyment and wellbeing whilst we were confined to our homes. There were virtual quizzes, yoga classes, exercise sessions, training for contractors. I remember too Dave Savage finding a virtual reality tool we could use to meet up in virtual worlds with video and sound and we ran a number of events where we used this to meet with each other and with clients.  

When I think back to those times everyone was so creative and willing to do things in a different way. Barriers didn’t exist, everyone was working together to help each other. I have never been prouder. There is a lot of similarity in these moments to the way we choose to navigate difficult markets together. Tapping back in to our creativity and our support for each other is helping us and will continue to help us until we find ourselves on calmer seas and growing once more.  

I am grateful for the four years I have been leading this incredible business and learn so much from each of you every day.  

Warm wishes


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