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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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CEO's Blog 2 - Week 2, Wow that went quickly!

I am on the road for most of this week. Sitting at Southampton airport waiting for the flight to Leeds, in the northern part of the UK, where I will be joining my first kickoff for 2020/21. Can’t wait to meet the team and be part of their start for the new financial year. Feeling very privileged to be part of this fantastic Harvey Nash business.

I have been thinking about change this week. Unsurprising having just changed companies. A lot has changed for our business this past year. We have had to adapt and change in the turbulent times in all our markets across the world, whether it’s political, social, technology or economic change we have had it all in abundance. What made me really think though is that we have not just survived this change but we are a stronger business as a result of it. We have been able to adapt and find new ways to overcome obstacles. This is a business that is in thrive mode.

Will there be more change ahead of us, of course! This is the world we live in now and businesses which learn how to adapt and get ahead of the change will be the winners. The key to getting used to a changing world is that we communicate throughout. We share our plans and we keep each other up to date on how we are doing. So, let’s commit to doing that.

On the short flight to Leeds I listened to last week’s Tech Talks podcast with our very own David Savage interviewing Joe Griston, chief of talent of USD 1bn tech unicorn Arrival. Loved hearing how they hire on potential not past attainment. If you don’t listen to these podcasts currently then it is a strong recommendation from me and making our clients aware of it too.

The kick-off in Leeds for the Newcastle and Leeds teams was high energy with so much potential. These teams have the ambition to grow so fast it took my breath away. With Sandra and Will at the helms and by working together, these UK Northern powerhouses are unstoppable. We had a few drinks together and dinner made for a fun way to round off Monday.

Harvey Nash team

Jason Allen and I then travelled together across the Pennines to Manchester. I am not sure we drew breath with the back and forth of ideas bouncing between us. Connecting is the secret sauce to growth. 8 weeks into his new role Jason is a force of nature with unparalleled ambition and belief in our teams. I feel so lucky to work with such bright and ambitious people in the Harvey Nash Group.

The Manchester office is gorgeous and the second kick off was delivered in style by JP and his smart, high energy and enormously funny and focused team. Jason challenged the team to take the public sector challenge on and grow a reputation for being the partner of choice in the north and to connect with the team in Scotland who have made this sector a specialism.

Harvey Nash office
Harvey Nash Manchester map
Harvey Nash Team

I heard from Nick Lonsdale who has been in Seattle this week leading the kick off for NashTech in the U.S. He is excited by the enthusiastic ownership of this year’s challenge to grow and develop. I can’t wait to meet the teams across the U.S.

Wednesday and it’s the Dublin kick-off. Led by Sonya and David, these teams are rightly proud of all they have achieved since opening the doors in 2008. These warm, bright, focused teams couldn’t have made us more welcome with two of the team coming in to meet us on their day off, and if that wasn’t brilliant enough there were savouries and cakes all hand made.

We sat with the team as their stories of new services and clients old and new unfolded. This team knows what it takes to grow and develop.

Harvey Nash Dublin

Jason has been delayed by the storms although clearly unstoppable he made his way there to take the office out to dinner later in the day. Nothing stops a ‘Harvey Nasher’.

Back in London for the end of the week and I am reflecting on all I am hearing and seeing. We have so much potential across our businesses and countries that we really are unstoppable. Phew! This group is flying down the tracks, get out of our way competitors we are on a mission!

Have a great weekend everyone.


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