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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Nash Squared, a £1.3bn global technology and talent solutions provider with 49 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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Week 4 – Catch Ups, Kick offs and Tuck Shops

Time to stop counting weeks now. Harvey Nash Group feels like home. So, what’s been happening for me this week?

I started the week off with a virtual visit with Sean Gilligan who leads the Harvey Nash Technology Recruitment business in the U.S. for Jason Allen. Hearing about our ambition and the opportunities we have in this market was exciting. Most importantly the talk was all about what is being done right now to get after them. I found myself pacing the floor after the meeting, this is a business in the largest and most mature market in the world and we have the opportunity to take our rightful place serving some of the world’s largest global businesses. This is such an exciting time for us.

I topped this off with a high energy call with our outsourced marketing partner ClearEdge for the U.S. business. Great to hear from Leslie Vickrey about their work and to see and hear about some of the many marketing programs they are running with us to promote our brand and capability in this important market. That night I listened to a series of podcasts and read some blogs that have recently been published with them, some really interesting work being done there.

I had great catch ups with Rob Mallaband (MD of Crimson, our UK Microsoft solutions and recruitment business ) and Magnus Tegborg (who heads up our Leadership Services division) mid-week when we looked at progress so far this year, there is a lot of great business development and client project activity going on which will help us achieve our goals. Felt hugely energised by these calls.

I watched this week’s Tuck Shop (a spin-off of the podcast Tech Talks run by David Savage), some thought provoking insight into topics like AirBnB, Coronavirus and many more, two interesting tech guests this week. Worth following and promoting them to clients if you don’t already. The link to the latest show on YouTube is:

I also caught up with Alexandra Krumrey and Mark Hayes in our Germany operations. It was great to hear about our people attraction and development plans. I am out meeting with them and colleagues in Germany for the Kick off next month so great to get some early insight.

Harvey Nash Kick-off

Wednesday was NashTech kick off day and I was proud to play my part in this. What a phenomenal business Nick Lonsdale and his team are running, and it was wonderful to meet Cuong and his Vietnam leadership team, who were in the UK helping shape NashTech’s plans. The growth over the past few years has been breath taking and what is ahead of us is just so exciting. The logos of our many clients went on and on and the plans for this year and beyond had my heart racing.

Our plans for a new CRM in the Harvey Nash Tech recruitment business are progressing well. Thanks to all the team driving this. We have a clear view of business goals and benefits, what will be the benefits to everyone from more enjoyability in our work, better support and how quickly we can get our work done. There are a couple of bits missing from the business case but we are nearing the conclusion of this before we go to the Board for approval. Getting this bit right will mean we set ourselves up for a successful implementation so worth putting in the extra time.

Harvey Nash Kick-off

Yesterday I spoke on our behalf at the TALiNT Agency leaders year ahead annual conference. My topic was ‘our transformation for a digital world’. It was such an honour to be able to share with the leaders of many recruitment businesses and it felt like you were all up there with me. There were many questions from the audience and a line of people waiting to speak afterwards. Every day our brands are getting ever more famous. One thing I hear all the time is the admiration people have for the Harvey Nash Group family.

Have a great weekend.

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