A 500th episode special with a special co-host and a World Cup winner!

A 500th episode special with a special co-host and a World Cup winner!

Thomas Vosper joins us to chat about startup financing and social media norms.
In today's show we're joined by a special co-host and three incredible guests; Claire Calmejane, Chief Innovation Officer of Societe Generale, and Tim Chase and Gilberto Silva (yes, really), co-founders of Striver. We're diving into topics including financing of startups, navigating social media and making it a safe place, and whether or not it really matters if it's show 500 or not! On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Tech Talks Extra will have even more content from Web Summit's conference floor, and some brilliant companies. So subscribe now: www.nashsquared.com/the-hub/tech-ta…tra-signup-form


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