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The real Jerry Maguire is on a mission to make you happy!
May 1, 2024
Today we are joined by co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing, David Meltzer.
How is technology changing the role of a software engineer?
February 16, 2024
Today's guest is Tristram is Head of Mobile at NewDay
What should a developer aspire to?
February 2, 2024
We chat to Street Group's Technical Lead Evan Burrell
How do we prepare the next generation of tech professionals?
January 5, 2024
Our guest is Andreas Flodstrom, CEO and founder of Beetroot.
Fiverr give a platform to showcase the best in female led startups.
November 28, 2023
Today we are joined by Bukki Adedapo is the UK Country Manager of Fiverr.
How do you build a community that feels empowered to solve real-world problems?
August 17, 2023
Today we are joined by Hazelcast’s Avtar Raikmo (Head of Platform Engineer) and Fawaz Ghali (Head of Developer Relations).
TELUS Health are helping people maintain a healthy work/life balance, whilst still being productive
August 8, 2023
Today we're joined by Managing Director EMEA for TELUS Health, Philip Mullen
What does a (remote) global workforce mean for a country like Brazil?
June 13, 2023
We’re looking at how the global workforce is evolving with Deel’s Dan Westgarth.
Investing in mental health is investing in productivity.
May 25, 2023
Jawad Bhatti, founder of Spark, talks to us about mental health.
How can the US deal with burnout culture?
May 18, 2023
Jared Mabry, VP Digital Patient Experience at HCA Healthcare, joins David on today's podcast.
We explore the science behind collaboration, and the science in music that'll keep you healthy.
May 16, 2023
On today's podcast: Sanj Bhayro, GM EMEA for Asana and Ariana Alexander-Sefre, founder and co-CEO of Spoke.
Is innovation in People/HRtech also inclusive?
May 4, 2023
We meet Caitlin Motley of Coca-Cola and Lydia Wu of Panasonic as we wrap up Unleash America.
"How do I stay focused on people matters?" - Capturing the big questions from Unleash America
May 2, 2023
We meet SAP Success Factor's Meg Bear, and HCA's Davita Carpenter at Unleash America.
Non-linear careers and made-up professions: Work in 2023
April 25, 2023
On this show we meet Michael Blakley of Equitas, and Anna Buldakova of Meander.
Can you make a developer in 16-weeks?
April 20, 2023
Joining David today we have Chris Meah, School of Code CEO & founder, and James Aslett, Head of Education at Binance.
Influencers reach emerging talent; what can we learn?
April 11, 2023
We talk to Laurence Benson, CEO of Spicy Food, and Holly Boothroyd, founder of HerHelloWorld, as we try to bridge the skills gap.
What do students want, versus the skills employers want? Major League Hacking are building a bridge.
January 31, 2023
This week David catches up with Major League Hacking co-founder Jonathan Gottfried, and Nokia's Head of the Global Enterprise Business Chris Johnson.
How can politicians help create an environment for the tech sector to flourish?
November 8, 2022
On today's show we feature Darren Jones MP and Daisy Stapley-Bunten, as we look at how policy can help startups and scaleups.
Breaking the bias with the Newton Venture Program
November 1, 2022
Eleanor Kaye, Executive Director at Newton Venture Program, explains how she's growing a new pool of VC talent.
"A voice for those who don't have one": We celebrate Black History Month.
October 25, 2022
Dr Christyl Johnson from NASA joins us to celebrate Black History Month.
Don't tweak HR, Unleash it.
October 18, 2022
Joel Guraj, founder of MYNDUP, is 'stopping the one size fits all' approach to mental health.
How could machine learning change the war for talent?
October 4, 2022
Barb Hyman, CEO and founder of Sapia, explains how just five questions could change the way you hire.
Can technology makes lawyers happy?
September 6, 2022
Today we talk to Lewis Silkin's CTO Alex Bazin, who talks about the important of the 'human factor' in technology.
Technology should support you being intentional with your people
August 23, 2022
Serena Huang from PayPal, and Sean Nolan from Blink, describe how HR tech and data is impacting talent decision making and communications.
Can data help you build a team of superstars?
July 26, 2022
Raluca Apostol, CPO of Nestor, tells us why data can help guide your team to develop the skills they need.
We explain the relevance of a bag of jelly belly jellybeans to HRtech.
July 12, 2022
On this week's show our guests are Lydia Wu and Bill Boorman talking HRtech, analytics, and people.

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