Are you bringing the sunshine? Kathryn Rose shares the power of positivity.

Are you bringing the sunshine? Kathryn Rose shares the power of positivity.

Kathryn Rose, CEO of getWise is our guest today.
Kathryn is the founding CEO of award-winning global expert marketplaces (getWise, channelWise) providing business owners and professionals in targeted markets, access to thousands of vetted executives, coaches/mentors, education and resources that accelerate business or career growth. She is a former Wall Street executive sales leader and an author of 9 books. She has been featured in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, CBS Marketwatch, Fox News and more. She was recently named Worth Magazine Top 100 Entrepreneurs, Forbes Top 1000 innovators and a member of the prestigious Nasdaq Milestone Makers program. Today she's adding Tech Talks to the list of career highlights!


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